Recap | A Health Seeker's Journey

Bertram L. Lawson II works out with Wendy Young from East Chestnut Fitness

In January, our President & CEO, Bertram L. Lawson II, kicked off a health seeker's journey to recommit to healthy habits. Despite his busy schedule, Bertram has been working out at East Chestnut Fitness in the Oscar Lasko YMCA and has learned much about the full spectrum of health and wellness.

Whether you have already committed to your own wellness journey or have been thinking about starting a new wellness routine, we want you to know that you are not alone. We are proud to serve nearly 80,000 members with programs and services dedicated to all aspects of wellness. 

Join us on our health seeker's journey!

🥦 Nutrition at West Chester University | Episode 3

Eating well is an important part of your health and wellness journey. But, there can be many barriers to preparing and eating healthy and nutritious meals. Dr. Sandy Sarcona and her students from West Chester University's School of Health Sciences offered their insights about cooking healthy and nutritious meals.


💗 Health Screenings with Keystone First | Episode 2

it is important to have your blood pressure checked annually to maintain a healthy heart. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, often has no symptoms. Yet if left untreated, it can lead to heart disease or stroke. Learn more about taking care of your heart.



🏋🏿 Establishing a Fitness Routine at East Chestnut Fitness | Episode 1

"Starting my journey was hard. Despite having access to fitness equipment, wellness experts and my own personal knowledge, I still have barriers to success. My schedule is jam-packed with meetings. I am a husband and a father with many commitments at home. I love food - and I don't like to cook. I have plenty of reasons to put this off." -Bertram L. Lawson II

You are not alone on your journey. Our President and CEO, Bertram L. Lawson II recently recommitted to his own wellness journey.