Let's Talk Mental Health | A Health Seeker's Journey

Heather Bloodworth and Bertram L, Lawson II Discuss Mental Health

We hear a lot about mental health these days. But do we really understand what mental health is - and how it impacts our overall health? 

Mental health is made up of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Often, we become aware of our feelings because, as the name implies, we feel them throughout our bodies.

What you might not realize is that our feelings begin with our thoughts which drive our feelings and eventually our actions. It is important that we each take time to learn more about mental health and how it impacts ourselves. 

As part of his ongoing health seeker's journey, our President and CEO, Bertram L. Lawson II had an open dialogue with Executive Mindfulness Coach, Heather Bloodworth. We hope that Bertram's openness demonstrates that you are not alone and that your friends at the Y are here for you.