Train to become lifeguard certified and learn about water safety and life-saving procedures. This three- to four-day training includes first aid, CPR, AED and more. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be license through Ellis and Associates. 

The pre-requisites to be a lifeguard include a minimum 100-yard swim using either freestyle or breaststroke, minimum 1-minute treading water without hands, and ability to descend feet first to the deepest part of the pool and retrieve a 10lb brick.

Once in the lifeguard course students will be taught and tested on their ability to perform CPR, First Aid, Oxygen administration, and water rescue skills. All YMCA of Greater Brandywine lifeguards must go through annual certification. 

Interested in joining our team of lifeguards? Contact Leslie Seifert 610-431-9622, ext. 2222  to learn how to have the YMCA pay for your training.