Our Education and STEM programs offer an early introduction to a wide variety of concepts and teach science, technology, engineering, math, sign language and more through creative play, setting a foundation for being successful in school and in life. 

Monthly STEM Classes

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At what age can you start STEM Classes?

STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and math and STEM programs tend to focus on the foundational skills of innovation, problem-solving and critical thinking. These core skills can be translated across a variety of ages and abilities with activities and projects that are appropriately leveled for the students enrolled. 

The YMCA offers STEM classes for youth ages 4 - 12. 

What STEM classes are available at the YMCA?

Lil' Einsteins
Ages 4 - 5
Logic and creativity combine in this STEM-themed class. Our youngest engineers will use their left-brains to analyze problems and their right-brains to design creative solutions. Our team will provide a variety of STEM activities each week - and all the materials needed to invent a fun time!
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Build It
Ages 6 - 8
Bricks, blocks, sticks, and more. Young engineers will build creations each week in this STEM-themed class. Our team will provide weekly challenges that children will work to solve. Fun, engaging, and one-of-a-kind!
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Build It Plus
Ages 8 - 12
Take STEM to the next level with your future engineers! The participants will participate in different challenges and projects weekly that will create a fun, engaging, and one-of-a-kind experience!
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The YMCA also offers a variety of STEM-focused summer camps and free family events in addition to the monthly program offerings highlighted above. 

What is the registration schedule for STEM offerings?

The YMCA offers STEM classes as a monthly program offering. 

New monthly programming provides a flexible and convenient option for families looking for fun activities for their children. Classes last for one calendar month and focus on experiences. Children can enroll in a new offering each month, or stick with the same class for several consecutive months, as curriculums and themes vary monthly. 

Monthly programs begin at just $24.99 for those with a YGBW family membership. Classes are held weekly. 

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STEM Programs

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs prepare children for the world through hands-on learning in a variety of skill sets, setting a foundation for critical thinking and innovation. 

The YMCA is a cause-driven charitable organization that provides financial assistance for programs. Ask us for details.