The Y nurtures the potential of every child and teen by supporting their unique youth development journey through holistic programming. From cradle to career, the Y provides all youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life. 

STRIDE for ALL - A New Program!

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STRIDE for All is a co-ed program for youth in third through fifth grades designed to build self-esteem, healthy habits and confidence. 

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Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides program assists parents and their children on a journey of discovery. With their group circles, participants will experience teamwork and adventure through campout activities, hiking, games, songs, crafts, skits, stories, soccer, circle meetings and more.

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Youth & Government

For middle and high school students, this program brings the workings of state government alive. Teens propose legislation to make their state governments more efficient and serve as delegates at their state conferences, where they debate bills on the floor of the legislature.

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Babysitting Certification

Adolescents learn to be responsible, whether home alone or babysitting others. Focus is on safety, how to call for help and how to be a medically responsible, creative and attentive babysitter.

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