Support the YMCA Today!

For decades, the YMCA has served the Chester County community. As we recover from the effects of COVID-19, we continue to do all we can to support our community, but we, too, need support from our community. 

Here Are the Facts:

  • Our membership base remains reduced. 
  • We are still operating with a significant reduction in our staff team.
  • We've had substantially fewer member visits than we did in 2019.

BUT There is Hope.

  • Camp enrollment is up at least 50% from 2020 
  • Programs are coming back including favorites like ZUMBA and swim lessons
  • Childwatch is reopening in each branch.
  • Branch visits have grown by 20% in the past few months. 

We know that the Y is still needed now more than ever. We want to be here for all and here for always!

Donate Now to Help Your Y Stay Here For Good!