Keeping Fun in Sports! 

Approximately 70% of kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because they say it’s not fun anymore. That’s why the YMCA works to keep fun in the game. We focus on building strong skills so kids can play at any level, but more importantly, we help kids learn teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship— skills that will help them reach new heights throughout their lives.

Youth Sports Leagues

We teach the game - and more!

Our youth sports programs develop lifelong skills and confidence, encourage kids to be active for life and most importantly, are fun.

All Sports Programs

At the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, our sports programs help people of all ages develop the ability, confidence and desire to be active for life. 

Sportsmanship and the YMCA

Learn more about how the YMCA keeps fun in the game.




Thanks to Nemours for their community partnership for our youth sports programs. We are both committed to serving our communities, especially children, regardless of anyone's ability to pay for much-needed and life-changing services. Learn more about childrens health at from Nemours.