Flying through the air and sticking the landing is just one of the iconic images of gymnastics. Since modern gymnastics took its current form in 1954, the YMCA has been a part of this popular sport, offering fun gymnastics opportunities for children of all ages and abilities.

By invitation only, the competitive gymnastics team, known as the Gymcats, follows the standards of USA Gymnastics. Team members develop their skills and abilities while participating in competitive meets. 

YMCA gymnastics emphasizes fun and sportsmanship while encouraging kids to be active in life.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Volunteers play a vital role in our gymnastics team, especially for our large invitational events.
Get involved and make lasting memories with your child.

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The YMCA offers recreational and progressive gymnastics classes for children of all ages and abilities. Kids learn and develop balance, flexibility, strength and tumbling skills on age-appropriate equipment in a fun, open environment.

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