A Health Seeker's Journey | Getting Started

Adults Rowing at East Chestnut Fitness

Starting a wellness journey is challenging for a variety of reasons. While the idea of getting healthy sounds great, we often encounter physical and mental barriers along our way.

Physical barriers such as lack of access to fitness equipment, injuries and limited mobility are challenging - but can be overcome with modifications. In some cases, it is easier to solve for the physical limitations than it is to solve for the mental ones.

Below are our suggestions for how to break free of the mental barriers - and get started on your wellness routine.

1. Do Something Simple Today

If the idea of a major routine change is intimidating, know that you don't need to commit to a 60-minute workout five days per week. Instead, pick something simple - walk for 20 minutes, do 20 crunches and 20 squats, climb the stairs once every hour, or try one group exercise class this week.

Whatever you choose, do it today. The longer you wait, the more you think about it and the harder it will be to start.

2. Get Better - Bit by Bit

Once you start, your objective is simply to improve your wellness. Ditch unrealistic goals of losing a certain number of pounds or inches by a certain date. Instead, focus on feeling better, stronger and healthier than you were before - yesterday, last week, last month, etc.

For example, if you walked for 20 minutes yesterday, can you walk for 23 minutes today? If you cooked two healthy meals last week, can you cook three this week?

Though it is tempting to completely overhaul routines, big changes are hard to keep up with. Focus on incorporating small, manageable and steady changes.


3. Focus on How You Feel

When you do something healthy, take time to notice how you feel.

Do you feel energized after taking a walk? Empowered after doing ten push-ups? How does your gut feel after eating a healthier meal? 

Focus on the good feelings and make your goal to feel better, day by day.

4. Share your Success

Starting a wellness journey is hard. The fact that you started is success. Share it!

Post on social, text a friend or share with a member of our team. If you aren't comfortable sharing with others, write down what made you proud and hang it in a location that you walk past often. 

Celebrate your success to stay motivated along the way.

You are Not Alone | Follow Bertram's Wellness Journey

You are not alone on your journey. Our President and CEO, Bertram L. Lawson II recently recommitted to his own wellness journey. 

"Starting my journey was hard. Despite having access to fitness equipment, wellness experts and my own personal knowledge, I still have barriers to success. My schedule is jam-packed with meetings. I am a husband and a father with many commitments at home. I love food - and I don't like to cook. I have plenty of reasons to put this off."

"But I did it. I started my journey. And I hope that anyone out there who is struggling to start their own journey will come along with me."

Check out Bertram's journey below. And stay tuned for more on the Health Seeker's Journey as we continue to support, inspire and wish you good health.