Dance classes such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, hip hop and belly dancing, are offered throughout the year, but the majority are offered during the school year (called academy programming). Classes are open to students of any ability from ages two to adult. Many of our classes offer the option to participate in dance recital(s). 

Dance classes help to improve flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina and strength. Our program allows students to explore dance in a fun and supportive environment. 

Monthly Dance Programs

More About YMCA Dance Offerings

What is available for more advanced dancers?

UMLY School of Dance
Ages 3 - 18
From Sep through May, the School of Dance at the Upper Main Line YMCA offers a variety of dance classes. Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap – and more.
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Dance Company
Ages 9 - 18
We offer two competitive dance teams – Junior and Senior Dance Company – who perform in festivals and competitions from Sep through May.
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What types of dance classes are deemed "Academy Dance Programs"?

Our academy dance programs are a longer-term commitment than monthly classes and are only available at our Upper Main Line YMCA. A few of our offerings include:

Tiny Dance
Ages 3 - 4
Have a little one interested in dance? This introductory dance class helps children develop coordination, balance and self-esteem while discovering the fun of movement and learning simple ballet steps.
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Dance Explorers
Ages 4 - 5
A continuation of our Tiny Dance program, dancers build upon their ballet vocabulary. Tap dance is introduced to increase rhythmical understanding and coordination.
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Ballet 1
Ages 7 - 8
Did you know that ballet is the foundation of all dance forms? Students in this class learn basic ballet exercises and combinations for the barre and center floor while gaining an understanding of dance class structure.

Ballet 2
Ages 7 - 9
You have mastered the arm and foot positions taught in Ballet 1, now you will build upon those skills as you learn more ballet terminology and are introduced to longer combinations of movement.

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Tap 1/2
Ages 6 - 9
Tap 1/2 is a beginner tap that class that introduces the basic steps of tap dance, with simple dance combinations.

Tap 3
Ages 9 - 15
Students who have taken at least 4 years of Tap and mastered time steps and other fundamentals of Tap.

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Beginner/Intermediate Pointe
Ages 11 - 18
Lace-up your slippers because this class is for the serious dancer who wishes to study ballet pointe work. Students must have adequate foot, ankle, leg and core strength to enter this class. Registration in Beginner/Intermediate Pointe must be approved by The Dance Director prior to registration.
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Advanced Ballet & Pointe
Ages 12 - 18
Take your ballet to the next level! This class is for the experienced ballet dancer who has completed at least four years of ballet training. The program emphasizes growth, technique, endurance, flexibility and complex combinations.Registration in Advanced Ballet/Pointe must be approved by The Dance Director prior to registration.
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Silver Swans
Age 55+
It's never too late to Shine! Silver Swans classes have been specifically designed for the over 55s, but whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active our Ballet classes will put a spring in your step. Whether you have never danced before, or want to get back into the swing of it, our classes have something for everyone.The Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) developed this program based on research into dance practice for older learners. This class is taught by Silver Swans Licensee Claire Jones. View Offerings

Adaptive Dance Classes

The Upper Main Line YMCA offers all abilities dance programming taught by certified instructor Claire Jones. Claire received a certification from Boston Ballet to teach all abilities dance programming. 

Zumba, belly dancing, line dancing and other adult exercise classes are included with YMCA membership. A full schedule of when these drop-in classes are available in our schedules section. 

The YMCA is a cause-driven charitable organization that provides financial assistance for programs. Ask us for details.