Group exercise instructor, Nichole Kilroy.

Nichole Kilroy

Jennersville YMCA
Kennett Area YMCA
Nichole is an AAAI Certified Personal Trainer and she's certified in Cycle, TRX, Livestrong and Tabata. Nichole specializes in strength, range of motion and cardiorespiratory training.

Nichole started her fitness journey in 2013 when she took a cycle class and was hooked. She became a Cycle Instructor and progressed in her fitness journey by becoming a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Nichole is also certified in the Livestrong at the Y program. Nichole enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels. She is ready to work with those who need assistance and challenge those who need that extra push!

PERSONAL TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: I like to teach with a motivational mindset and music (when possible). Every workout is different and customized to the needs of each individual. I like to challenge individuals and change things up as I see them improving.

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