Personal Trainer, Nick Cappelli is ready to help you at the Jennersville YMCA.

Nick Cappelli

Jennersville Branch
Nick specializes in training athletes and youth. He holds a certification from Lebanon Valley College in Exercise Science.

When I was growing up, playing different sports taught me that nothing is impossible with teamwork. When everyone works together like a well-oiled machine, possibilities are endless. I like to connect this idea to fitness in the sense that exercise and nutrition is the team that transforms the body into a well-oiled machine. I have a passion for helping others in any and all ways that I can, big or small. No one person is the same, and everyone has unique opportunities and journeys. 

Personal Training Philosophy
"Today is my tomorrow. It's up to me to shape it, to take control, and seize every opportunity. The power is in the choices I make each day. I eat well, I live well. I shape me." - Carpe Diem 

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