Cindy Panaro, a personal trainer at the Upper Main Line YMCA in Berwyn PA, poses for a headshot in the virtual group exercise studio.

Cindy Panaro

Upper Main Line YMCA
Cindy is a NASM certified personal trainer, is NASM certified in corrective exercise and senior fitness. She has a master's degree in holistic nutrition, a diabetes prevention program certification and is certified in TRX and Queenax.

I am a self-proclaimed fitness and health fanatic! I love to workout - but also to cook and bake and eat - so my passion for reading about exercise and nutrition is a good balance. 

After my kids left for college, I went back to school to pursue my Masters in Holistic Nutrition and then earned my Personal Training Certification because I knew that healthy eating and exercise go together. 

I love to share my knowledge of both with my prospective clients. My style of training is based on functional movement - train your body in the way you will use it.

In my free time, I enjoy tennis, reading, hiking and cooking and baking. 

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