Kennett Area YMCA and Jennersville YMCA personal trainer Mary Lai

Mary Lai

Kennett Area YMCA
Mary Lai is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who has TRX Suspension Training and is a BODYPUMP, Core, CDWORX, TONE and Zumba instructor. Mary specializes in women’s fitness, active older adults, beginners and strength and conditioning coaching.

Mary began her fitness journey when she was 38 years old. Her mom had osteoporosis and she knew she wanted to do whatever she could to stay healthy. She knows how hard it can be to start something new. She watched a fitness class through the doorway for two weeks trying to summon the courage to join.

After getting started she noticed she had more energy, slept better, felt less stressed and seemed to get sick less. 

"I felt strong and confident, and I knew I was doing something good for myself. I fell in love with fitness so much that I decided to make it my profession."

Mary uses her own experience, along with her qualifications, to help her clients along their fitness journey. She'll coach you to change your mindset, keep you motivated, and show you how to efficiently reach your goals. She's worked with young moms who want to lose weight, active older adults who want functional fitness for everyday life and corporate professionals who just want to know how to get started. She can help you too. 

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