What You Need to Know for the Outdoor Pools

We’re looking forward to seeing you poolside soon!
Please review the below thoroughly before you join us at the outdoor pool this season.

Who can use the pool?

  • First, those who joined YGBW with an eligible membership type by March 31, 2023 or earlier and have maintained an active membership since can use the 50M pool at no additional cost. However, you MUST activate your membership before visiting. Follow these instructions to do so.
  • Second, those who joined YGBW with an eligible membership type after March 31, 2023, can use the pool by purchasing an outdoor pool membership. (Note that youth memberships, short-term memberships and OLY-Only membership are not eligible membership types.)

What are the age requirements for the outdoor pool?

To ensure we provide the safest environment possible, youth 15 and under must have a parent/guardian who is at least 18 years of age with them at all times while at any YGBW outdoor pool. (Note: The youth and parent/guardian must also both have the appropriate and eligible membership to visit the outdoor pool.) Youth who are on an eligible YGBW family membership need to be 16 or older to visit the outdoor pool by themselves.

For lap swimming, children must be ages 12 or older. We will be monitoring pool usage and will consider expanding the age range later in the summer if possible.

Will I need a wristband for the outdoor pools?

  • Outdoor Pool members will receive a wristband indicating their eligibility to use the pool when scanning in at the member services desk. Wristbands must be worn at all times and be visible while in the outdoor aquatic areas. Failure to wear your wristband can result in loss of pool privileges.
  • Those ages 15 and under are required to complete a simple swim evaluation using our Test – Mark – Protect system. A lifeguard on duty or the Aquatics Director can complete this evaluation. Once completed, swimmers will receive an additional red, yellow or green wristband. This wristband helps our lifeguards determine who may need additional supervision in the water so that we can provide the safest environment possible for all swimmers.
  • New this season—In addition to the green band test, swimmers ages 12 - 14 will be required to take an additional test to be able to swim in the 50M pool. The test includes jumping into the water, treading water for 1 minute, floating on your back for 15 seconds, swimming 50 meters with proficient freestyle, and then exiting the pool independently.

Can you explain the temperature system this summer?

  • Outdoor Temperature for Pools to Open - The minimum outdoor temperature for the 50M and Borst Pools to open is 45 degrees. 
  • 50M Pool Heater Set Point - The heater set point is 81 degrees. (Please note the pool may be cooler in the spring and fall during stretches of colder weather.)
  • Changes due to Temperature or Weather - Please reference our website’s pool alert page for any delays or closings due to temperatures and weather.

When will the swim team be using the outdoor pools?

Our swim team will be using the 50M Pool at various times throughout each week of the outdoor pool season. However, on weekdays (Monday-Friday), there will always be at least two lanes available for members during the swim team’s scheduled times. On Saturdays, the 50M Pool is closed from 8 am - 1 pm for swim team activities.

When are the scheduled closures for the pool this season?

C Pool

We will need to close "C Pool" to remove the bubble in May. As such, "Borst Pool" will be available for lap swimming only from Monday, May 1 - Friday, May 26.
Along with all other YGBW outdoor pools, Borst Pool will open for recreational swimming on Saturday, May 27. 

50M Pool

  • Saturday, June 3 - Sunday, June 4
  • Friday, June 23 from 2:00 PM to close
  • Saturday, June 24 - Sunday, June 25

What are the hours for the 50M outdoor pool and the Borst Pool?

50M Outdoor Pool

  • Season opening: Monday, May 1
  • Season closing: Sunday, October 1
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Borst Outdoor Pool

  • Lap Swimming ONLY Season opening: Monday, May 1. Pool will be available for lap swimming only.
  • Recreational Swimming Season opening: Saturday, May 27
  • Season closing: Monday, September 4
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