UMLY Angel Tree - 2021 Edition

Family safety tips for the holidays

Angel Tree 2021 at the Upper Main Line YMCA 

This year, rather than having a packet, profile sheet and shopping trips, sponsors need only go to this link.
This site will be open through November 30.

How It Works

  • On this site, there will be a master listing of sponsor companies and groups, as well as online shopping for each and every item that was offered to choose from for these same children receiving help from our program.  A cumulative number of all gifts needed is noted below each item and as the presents are purchased, these numbers will indicate the change in total quantity still needed.
    • While you will not know specific information about the child or children as in the past, do know that every single item will be treasured. Each gift ranges in price from approximately $15 to $25. On average that will be $60 - $75 to completely fulfill one child’s wish list. We are humbled by the huge cost and quantity of gifts given over years prior.
    • Due to the rising need already showing this year, we chose to cap the number at 4 gifts per child, allowing us to meet more children’s needs, and at the same time keep the cost down for our sponsors and members.
  • Once shopping, you may choose whatever works best for you. Any combination is great, be it one baby doll, or maybe a coat, a game and a basketball, or maybe ten coats, but you decide. Every item purchased helps us toward meeting our goal and emptying those carts!
    • As always, we ask that you do only what you feel you can. Please.  
  • When done shopping, sponsors will select checkout.  All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.  Tax receipts will be emailed immediately upon payment.
    • At the close of this drive, all items will be sent directly to the participating agency, and they will then be distributed to the families allowing enough time to wrap and be ready for the holidays.
    • All items donated past the initial shown goals will help us accommodate late incoming needs and new requests for help.


We have this chance to make a difference! 

Thank you to The Delaware Valley Children’s Charity for over 30+ years of supporting this community.