Learning Center Feedback + Answers!

Thanks for your feedback.  We wanted to take a minute and address some of the comments from the survey.

  • "The children need more enrichment activities during the day."
    • The Department of Education requires the children to be "in school" six hours each day. Now that remote learning is in session, we have come to find that there is very little free time during the day. The children are in and out of instruction, with short break periods.
    • Because there are so many schedules, we have added extra staff at each of our branches to give children who have a "break," the opportunity to get outside or go to the gym for some movement activities. We are always adding "quiet" enrichment activities in the classroom that the children can engage in while they are waiting if they finish their assignments or the teacher ends class early. We do need to keep in the mind that while some kids are enjoying a "break," others are still "in school" so it's important that the classroom choices are quiet and not disruptive.
  • "I would like to communicate with the classroom staff more."
    • If you don't feel like you are getting enough information from our staff, please reach out to the director at your site. All teachers have been provided with YGBW email addresses, so you are able to contact them directly. 
  • "My child's school teacher says my child is sometimes having trouble engaging in the remote learning." 
    • Since all the children are wearing headphones, it is hard for our staff to recognize when a child is having trouble participating in the remote learning experience. Unfortunately, we can't hear the teacher! Encourage your child's teacher to let you know if there are issues, and then speak with our staff. We can be more attentive to children who need a little extra support with remote learning. We can also arrange for our staff to talk to the classroom teacher (with your permission) if that would be helpful.
  • "Payment for the week should reflect the number of days of service that week."
    • Weekly fees are prorated for holidays identified in our FAQs and our program is closed. 
  • "My child sometimes comes home with homework."
    • Because the day is very full, there is not always time for the children to complete homework while they are at the Y. We will make every effort to ensure your child completes their homework. Children in after care will often have some time to work on homework, but after a long day of remote learning, there is a need for the children to take a little time to relax. If you have homework concerns, please speak with the staff at your branch.

Please continue to provide us with feedback as we working to provide your children with the best experience possible. We greatly appreciate the dialog and continue to improve our program thanks to your feedback.