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STEAM Academy is offered at the Upper Main Line YMCA for pre-school and pre-K children of any ability ages three to five.

Why STEAM Academy?

Because children absorb new information faster at this time of their lives than they will throughout all of their school years, the STEAM curriculum is designed to expose children to a wide variety of hands-on learning. The Y's vast 54-acre campus coupled with its many resources including degreed staff, its Environmental and STEM Education Center, Creative and Performing Arts Center and Diverse Abilities Playground, make it the perfect place for STEAM Academy.

The STEAM curriculum also emphasizes literacy, which is the foundation for self-expression in both science and the arts. Teachers lead children through a language arts journey that teaches them how to write, recognize basic vocabulary words and open their hearts and minds to unlimited adventures in reading. Combining the study of language arts and the time spent in Performing Artist and STEM Scholar groups with the confidence and self-esteem the children develop provides the essential building blocks for school success.


  • 9:00 - Arrival and free play in STEAM Specialty Centers followed by Our Big World Circle Time
  • 10:00 - STEM Lab or art class, inventions, experiments, stage time, music & more
  • 11:30 - Lunch and Scholar Stretch
  • 12:00 - Language Arts or reading and writing (Handwriting Without Tears)
  • 12:55 - Review today’s STEM and arts achievements
  • 1:00 - Recess
  • 1:30 - See you tomorrow

STEAM Academy will not only prepare your child for kindergarten but will increase his/her confidence and self-esteem, enhance creativity and help social and emotional development.

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*All outside activities are weather permitting

** Three-year-olds have three days of Arts and two days of STEM each week. Four-year-olds have three days of STEM and two days of Arts each week. The Language Arts curriculum reinforces the week's STEAM topics.

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