Discover what you love at the Y - with four free orientation sessions!


Welcome to the YMCA of Greater Brandywine! As a new member, we want to show you all that there is to love about the Y. To help you make the most of your membership, we offer four YMCA Member Orientation sessions. These four sessions are free and tailored toward your interests and goals.

Session One
During your first session, a member of our team will give you a tour of the Wellness Center and tell you about amenities that are included in your membership at no extra cost. During your tour, our team will learn about you and your interests - so be sure to ask questions! The information that you share will help our team tailor your remaining sessions to your interests.

Sessions Two and Beyond
The focus of your remaining orientation sessions is up to you. For example, if you are interested in taking Group Exercise classes, our team will teach you how to register for classes. If pickleball is in your future, our team will explain everything you need to know about reserving court times, registering for clinics and more.

Not only will our team show you how to navigate the Y and register for classes and clinics - but our team will also introduce you to instructors and members who share your same interests. Being part of the Y is being part of a welcoming and supportive community!

Who will lead my YMCA Member Orientation?

YMCA Member Orientation sessions are hosted by a Y Coach - a YMCA staff member who welcomes new members into our Y community by providing new member tours and personalized recommendations regarding how to maximize your Y membership. Many of our Y Coaches happen to be certified personal trainers, but the two services are not related.

Why should I sign up for an orientation session?

There are so many things to do at the YMCA - and we want to ensure that you find the right activities to meet your goals and interests.  We highly recommend that all new members sign up for at least one orientation session to learn all the tips and tricks of being a YMCA member.

What will I do during my orientation sessions?

YMCA Member Orientation sessions are designed to welcome new members into our Y community and are tailored to your interests and wellness goals. During your first session, you will receive a walk-through of our facilities and learn tips about how to use your Y membership to meet your wellness goals. Your next three sessions are dependent upon your interests.

For example, if you are interested in pickleball, our staff will give you a tour of our pickleball courts, tell you all about our Pickleball Club, clinics and events - and teach you how to reserve court time. If you are more interested in Group Exercise classes, our staff will explain the types of classes that we offer, show where the classes are located and make sure you know how to register for each class.


How much does each session cost?

 YMCA Member Orientation sessions are free! Up to four sessions are included in your membership cost. 

How long does each session last?

Each orientation session takes about 30 minutes – but we can be flexible to your schedule.

How many sessions are included in my membership?

Four free orientation sessions are included in your YMCA membership – but you do not need to use all four. That is your choice!

How many other YMCA members will attend my orientation session?

None. Orientation sessions are scheduled individually so that our team can customize each session based upon your interests.