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Combining elements of badminton, tennis and ping pong, pickleball is easy to learn and fun for all ages.

Included with your YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW) membership, the Y offers indoor and outdoor pickleball play and pickleball events with almost 40 courts across Chester County. Also offered at additional costs are private pickleball lessons and pickleball club.

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*The Kennett Area YMCA Pickleball Courts are located at 132 North Walnut Street. Attendees should park at the YMCA in the main parking lot and follow directional signage for the short walk to the courts. 

Pickleball Frequently Asked Questions

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. It combines elements of badminton, tennis and ping pong and is played with solid paddles and a perforated ball similar to a wiffle ball on a short solid court with a low net. 

With a shorter court and lightweight paddles, pickleball is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and can be played as singles or doubles. Doubles is the more common form of play. 

What are the rules of pickleball?

Pickleball is a game played to 11 points and players can only score points when they, or their team, has the serve. Matches must be won by two points - meaning if one team as 11 points and another has 10, play continues until the higher scoring team is 2 points ahead. 

Much like tennis or other racket sports, there are rules about serving and receiving a serve, places on the court that are out of play, etc.

Visit USAPA and read a comprehensive list of rules.

YGBW Pickleball Playing Rules

  • Advanced sign up is required for classes, clinics, and play sessions. YGBW’s official pickleball site is Pickleball Den.
  • Only YMCA of Greater Brandywine members can reserve spots on the Pickleball Den app.
  • Individuals who do not sign up in advance through the Pickleball Den app may be turned away, unless a slot remains available. 
  • Availability will be limited to six players per court. (i.e. three courts would allow 18 spaces)
  • There are three levels of play.  
    • Beginner/Novice
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • To participate in intermediate or advanced play, clinics or other sessions, a player must take and pass the appropriate skill test. 
  • Players are asked to only sign up for open play sessions, classes or clinics within their level.

How can I start playing pickleball?


We'd recommend a few first steps if you're brand new to pickleball at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine. 

  1. While we'd love for everyone to join us at the Y to play pickleball, our open play is only for YMCA members. If you are not a member, please join us today.
  2. Take a few minutes to watch these two introduction videos. Pickleball Rules and Pickleball Scoring.
  3. All ready to start? We'd recommend joining us for a free Intro to Pickleball class.
  4. Ready to play with friends? It's time to register for beginner or all-level open play.  
    1. Open or download our YMCA GBW App from Apple or Andriod. Once logged into your YGBW account in the app, click on the pickleball paddle icon.
    2. The paddle icon will take you to your pickleball account. "Create Account" or select "Log In" if you've already created one (remember to select "Remember Me" so you don't need to log in again).
    3. Once your pickleball account is set up, utilize our YMCA GBW app and conveniently register for your pickleball play from your phone! If you need more information on how to use Pickleball Den, visit youtube and watch their video tutorials. 
  5. Once you're here for open pickleball, paddles are provided for members to use until they are ready to purchase their own. Players are encouraged to wear athletic attire that allows for easy movement and sneakers or non-marking shoes. Tennis shoes are recommended as they provide the best stability for side-to-side movement. 

Looking for private lessons? Look no further. Try your hand at pickleball with one of our one-hour private lessons. 

What are the pickleball rules of participation at the YGBW of Greater Brandywine?

Pickleball is a great game for all ages and abilities and the YMCA is here to assist you in reaching your pickleball goals whether you are looking for recreational play or competitive tournament play. We are committed to providing you and your family with a welcoming environment and the best pickleball experience possible.  

This guide will provide you with all our current rules of participation and play while enjoying the YMCA of Greater Brandywine facilities. To meet the demand and as we continue to grow and expand our program, we are implementing the following protocols to enhance everyone’s experience.  It is important to remember the golden rules of pickleball play and you will also be required to adhere to these guidelines at the YMCA.

  • We play pickleball because we want to have fun, exercise and interact with other players in a good-natured manner. Players of all ability levels are welcome, and new players should be welcomed with a smile and introduction. When playing with players of apparent lesser ability, encourage their effort, praise their good shots and don’t disparage their poor ones. 
  • Players are expected to exhibit courtesy, respect, fairness and honesty in dealing with others, on and off the courts. Players should exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. They should not engage in rude or abusive behavior, use profane language, give unsolicited advice or let emotions get out of control. 
  • Good-natured ribbing within reason is considered part of the fun. 
  • The server is expected to announce the score before each serve. This gives the receiving team time to raise their hand to stop service if they hear an incorrect or inaudible score. 
  • Players will call the lines on their side of the net. The opponent gets the benefit of the doubt in that any ball that cannot be called “out” will be considered “in.” An “out” call must be made quickly, or play will continue with the presumption that the ball was “in.” If partners disagree on a call, they will give the point to the opponents. Do not argue line calls or try to influence calls by your opponents unless asked by them. You should call your partner’s kitchen violations or balls hitting yourself or your partner. 
  • Do not chase your ball on an adjacent court while they are playing a point. Ask them to return your ball after the point is complete, or retrieve it yourself between their points. 
  • If a ball strays onto your court, call “ball” to stop your point (to avoid injury). Retrieve the stray ball and return it to a player on the court from which it came. Replay the interrupted point. Do not swat the ball back toward the direction it came from, because play on additional courts may be impacted.

There are more exciting things on the horizon including our new pickleball club to improve your game, increase opportunities to play and to meet new friends through social activities.  We are also looking for volunteer ambassadors to help create and assure that welcoming environment we pride ourselves in.  

As you look through the new procedures, if you have any questions directly related to the pickleball programming please feel free to contact our pickleball team. 

Download our Pickleball Informational Packet

Who can I contact to learn more about pickleball or pickleball lessons?

Please reach out to our fabulous pickleball team below if you have any questions. 

Tim Irwin
610-643-9622, ext. 2116

Tim brings over 40 years of experience and tons of enthusiasm for the sport to his role as a pickleball instructor with the YMCA of Greater Brandywine.  

He holds numerous certifications and leadership positions and has won several awards including Level II International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association Teaching Professional, United States Profesional Tennis Association (USPTA) Elite Professional, USPTA- Middle States Hall of Fame member, USPTA- Middle States President, 2021 Keystone State Pickleball Championships Gold Medalist.  

Tim is a proud member of Brothers and Sisters of Charity and St. Vincent de Paul. We are lucky to have him on our team! Reach out to Tim Irwin if you have any questions. 

How can I connect with other pickleball players?

We’re excited to share that we are moving to the Pickleball Den for all things pickleball. 

Join Pickleball Den

Sign up for a free Pickleball Den account today. Once YGBW staff has verified your membership, you will have full access to Pickleball Den features for free through your active YMCA membership.

Pickleball Den is an advanced pickleball software, centralizing information about YGBW open play, leagues, leveling appointments and more! Additionally, it allows users to connect with other players, create friend lists and post to a personal timeline to share pickleball activity and content with friends.

Apple Users

  1. Go to and press the login button to open the app in your browser.
  2. Place an app, or a shortcut, to Pickleball Den on your home screen. Click here for directions on how

You can also access your Pickleball Den account through our YMCA GBW mobile app by logging in and selecting the pickleball paddle. 

For Android (follow either step):

  1. Go to and press on the login button. This automatically runs the app within the user's browser and it will prompt you to install the app.
  2. Or go to Google Play

What are the different pickleball skill levels?


  • No testing required


  • A. Drop shot from transition area (Middle of the court)
  • Hitting Forehand from TRANSITION AREA, be able to drop 7 of 10 tries in the kitchen area of the court
  • Backhand 7/10


  • A. Drop shot from baseline (Baseline of the court)
  • Hitting Forehand from BASELINE, be able to drop 7 of 10 tries in the kitchen area of the court
  • Backhand 7/10

Videos can help you learn and give you hints to practice.  Check out these and look for others online! Drop Shot.


What is Pickleball Club?

Take your game to the next level and build friendships too!

Pickleball Club members will enjoy many benefits including club-only play, club socials, special clinics and more! Must maintain a YGBW membership to join.

Benefits Include:

  • YMCA Pickleball Bag Tag
  • Monthly Clinics or Special Play Events
  • Court Reservation Privileges – Set your own group up to play
  • Monthly Club Socials
  • Special Pricing on YMCA Pickleball Apparel
  • Sunday Fundays
    • Club-only events on the three indoor courts at the Oscar Lasko YMCA on 1 E. Chestnut Street, West Chester. Free parking on Sundays in the garage across the street.


Membership is $120 annually. That's just $10 per month!


Learn More About Pickleball 

Pickleball at the YMCA

If your organization would like to sponsor a YMCA program or initiative - including Pickleball - please contact