Five Reasons to Join YMCA Pickleball Center at Downingtown

Pickleball close up

Anyone planning to dink in Downingtown this summer at the new YMCA Pickleball Center, must purchase a Pickleball Center Membership - even current members of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW).

Our limited presale opens to the community on Monday at Noon and opened to YGBW members on April 3. Quantities sold are limited so we encourage you to secure your Pickleball Center membership early.

Here are our top five reasons why you don’t want to miss your chance.

  1. Play in a facility dedicated to pickleball
    YMCA Pickleball Center at Downingtown is a facility unlike any other that we operate. We will only host pickleball in this facility – all pickleball, all day, every day!
  2. Play on professional level courts
    Because YMCA Pickleball Center is a dedicated facility, the courts will not be multi-use. That means you will get to play on professional-level pickleball courts with state-of-the-art court surfaces* and optimal lighting. Nine of them to be exact – but who’s counting?!?
  3. Get support from dedicated pickleball staff
    Organizing leveled open play, managing court reservations and more – our dedicated pickleball staff will be there to help you with all your pickleball-related needs.
  4. Don’t pay per play
    Paying per session really adds up, so we don’t charge per play. Your open play sessions are included in your Pickleball Center membership fee.
  5. Shower, change and get on with your day
    Whether you like to play pickleball before work in the morning or dink before drinks in the evening, we’ve got you covered. At Pickleball Center, you’ll be able to play, shower, change and carry on with your plans!

Pickleball Center memberships will be sold in limited quantities. Our limited presale opens to the community on April 17 at Noon and opened to YGBW Members on April 3. The first 250 members get our most exclusive benefits – so get your membership early!

* BREAKING NEWS! We are pleased to announce that our court surface at YMCA Pickleball Center is SportMaster ProCushion System, which consists of multiple coats of flexible acrylic layers filled with rubber granules for shock absorption and cushioned effect - without disrupting ball bounce. This system is designed to provide ultimate resilience and spin-responsive play. The shock-absorbing layers of the ProCushion system provide unparalleled player comfort perfect for all levels of pickleball play.

Membership fees for YMCA Pickleball Center at Downingtown start at $59 per month for YGBW Members and $99 per month for non-YGBW members. Learn more about the difference between Pickleball Center membership types.

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