Meet Gymnastics Coach Megan Hartman

Megan from the Oscar Lasko YMCA teaches gymnastics in West Chester

The Oscar Lasko YMCA and Childcare Center is thrilled to welcome Megan Hartman as Head Gymnastics Coach. The gymnastics program instructs children as young as 20 months through high school-age students. There are classes for beginners and intermediate levels, as well as coaching for the competitive Gymcats team, so there is something for everyone and a lot for the new head coach to oversee! 

Megan brings 15 years of coaching experience with her. She began coaching in high school to help pay for college. As a competitive level 9/10 gymnast, she qualified for regionals, nationals and also competed internationally. Megan continued coaching after marrying, but moved away from her Pennsylvania roots and ended up in West Virginia where there was no such thing as a competitive gymnastics program. So she started one, founding Southern Elite Gymnastics and Cheer in West Virginia, and producing state champions every year since it opened in 2011.

Megan returned to Pennsylvania this year and joined the YMCA family. “I love the principles of the Y,” she says as to why she chose to work here. “It is a welcoming place for everyone.” 

“It is also far more practical,” Megan adds. “Gymnastics Club expenses are triple the amount of money AND time of what the Y requires, and I don’t believe it has to be that way.” 

“My focus is on teaching proper technique,” she continues, “while keeping kids interested in the sport. We meet each child at their current ability level and help them advance to their greatest potential!” 

The Oscar Lasko YMCA’s Gymcats team is a competitive program which has produced champions at the state, regional and national levels. In addition to the competitive meets and championships, Megan says she would like to add one or two nationally sanctioned events for the Gymcats team, which would help the gymnasts remain more interested in the sport, give them more exposure and a greater opportunity to earn scholarships. 

Megan is excited to share that the Gymcats team will be competing in Xcel Gold, which is a relatively new national program, featuring divisions instead of the compulsory levels. Gymnasts must be a minimum of 6 years old before being able to compete in Xcel Gold. 

Megan is currently a professional member of the USA Gymnastics (USAG), which includes achievement of USAG safety certification and safe sport. But Megan wants to be sure everyone can participate in the sport she loves, “Ultimately, my goal is to add more diverse abilities, parent/child, tumbling and cheer classes at the Y,” she says. 

The YMCA gymnastics program is located at the Oscar Lasko YMCA, 1 E. Chestnut Street, West Chester,  and is open to both boys and girls of any ability, no prior experience is necessary for the classes. The competitive gymnastics team is by invitation only. Learn more about our gymnastics programs below.