Community Contributes to Good Health

Zumba Class at the YMCA in Kennett Square

The holiday season is upon us! At this time of year, many feel the warmth of community as we prepare to gather together to share meals, make memories and give thanks for good health. 

At the Y, we feel this sense of community each day as we see friends going to Group Exercise classes together, parents chatting during swim lessons and new members getting to know each other and more. Being part of a supportive community contributes to good health.

We all know the importance of good health. So we encourage you to maximize your health by finding a supportive community to share in healthy habits. Here's why.

  1. Stay on Track
    Having a friend or group of friends to exercise with will keep you accountable. You'll be less likely to hit the snooze button and skip your daily workout if you know that others are expecting you.

  2. Reduce Stress
    That warm, fuzzy feeling that you receive after getting a hug or having fun with your friends does more than make you feel good - it's good for your body! Positive social interactions help to reduce your blood pressure and your level of stress. 

  3. Try New Things
    Trying new things helps our brains stay sharp, improves mental health and is just plain fun! But, trying new things can be intimidating.

    Finding a buddy or group can help you overcome your fear and try that Group Exercise class you've been meaning to try. Or, maybe you'll sign up for Adult Pottery, Group Pickleball Lessons, Group Swim Lessons - or even audition for our all-ages Musical Theater production!

  4. Improve your Mental Health
    Interacting with others and being part of a community is good for your mental health. Positive social interactions reduce rates of depression and anxiety and help keep you grounded.

  5. Check In on Each Other
    Even when you aren't together, friends help one another. Texting, calling and otherwise checking in on each other is an important aspect of community and contributes to your overall health.

As we continue to encourage you to give yourself the Gift of Health this holiday season, we suggest that you lean into the strong community here at the Y. Your health will thank you!