Our Top 10 Apps to Download During Quarantine

Are you spending too much time zoning out with social media and television these days? You know what they say, right? An app a day keeps boredom at bay! So consider downloading an app or two to your phone or tablet. You can still get screen time while keeping your mind – and body – busy. Here are our top 10 apps to help get you through a quarantine.

  1. Sanvello – Get free premium access for the foreseeable future using Sanvello, an app for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Think of Sanvello as a self-care toolkit in your pocket. It offers meditations, guided journeys, daily habit and mood tracking, goal setting, peer support and more. The app even features a weekly positivity playlist through Spotify sure to lift your spirits.
  2. Calm – 2017 app of the year, Calm teaches you the life-changing skill of meditation. The app has great seven-day series on a variety of topics including building confidence, self-esteem and breaking and building habits. You’ll also find quick, daily mental exercises to help you restore calm to your day. Last but not least, Calm has a ton of features specifically for kids including bedtime stories read by well-known authors and celebrities (ones for adults, too), bite-sized meditations for kids ages 3-17 and lullabies. Download the app for a seven-day free trial.  
  3. Hoopla – Instantly borrow free digital eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music and TV shows through your public library using Hoopla. You’ll find something for everyone in your family since there are more than 800,000 titles available – from today’s best-selling novels to learning the art of bonsai. Plus, no late fees! Ask your local library if they use Hoopla. 
  4. Goosechase – Need some alone time? Then send your family on a wild goose chase using the app of the same name. This free app lets you create and organize your own scavenger hunts (or join in on someone else’s). Goosechase is a great way to get the family moving while still having tons of fun. Download the app and create a scavenger hunt for the whole neighborhood to play!
  5. ABC Mouse – If you have small children at home, then this app is for you. The award-winning learning program covers reading, math, art and music for kids ages 2-8. You’ll find more than 10,000 learning activities, thousands of books, videos, puzzles, printable activities and so much more. Plus, you can have a class pet that your child never has to bring home! Download the app today and get a free month.
  6. Duolingo ABC – Did you know that children use a different part of their brains to learn a language than adults do? That’s why it’s easier for children to learn a new language so quickly. Kids can choose from over 30 languages on the Douolingo ABC app, which feels more like a game than a lesson. Bonus: all of the content is free!
  7. TED – If you’ve never watched a TED talk, then leave your evening open to do just that. TED started as a conference in the 1980s on the subject of technology, entertainment and design that quickly morphed into educational and inspiring talks that are sure to blow your mind. Check out author Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk about feeling overwhelmed and what to do next via the free app.
  8. Elevate – Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve your focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory and more. All you have to do is play one of over 35 games available on the app, which Apple selected as the app of the year. Take a mental break today and check out Elevate. 
  9. GoNoodle – You don’t have to feel guilty about your kids watching videos on the GoNoodle app because it features more than 300 videos featuring dance, yoga, sports, mindfulness and other types of exercise. It’s all designed for kids ages 4-10 – the perfect age range for kids to build healthy habits. 
  10. Airtime – If you miss movie night with friends, then download the app called Airtime, which lets you stream movies, listen to music and share photos with up to 10 people. Just don’t forget the popcorn.