Mission in Action: Donations Needed for Local Hospitals

A hospital worker is shown wearing personal protective equipment including a face mask

The YGBW’s community health partners need our help as they prepare for a peak of COVID-19 cases in our area. 

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is what’s most needed at this time. Four local hospitals are asking for donations of new face masks (factory-made and handmade), eye protection, latex-free gloves, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, gowns and respirators. 

Please note that each hospital has specific donation requests as well as donation drop-off schedules. We ask that you read the guidelines for the location closest to your home before making a donation. Additionally, several hospitals have included instructions to make sterile masks suited for a healthcare environment. Remember to check their respective websites for guidance.

As always, thank you for helping us serve those on the front line during this difficult time. We appreciate you and will continue to do everything we can to serve the community.

If your organization is in need of PPE donations, please contact Terri Edgar via email at tedgar@ymcagbw.org or by phone at (302) 419-7001.

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