Jennersville Wellness Center Revitalization 

Coming soon to the Jennersville YMCA in West Grove, Pa - wellness facility enhancements including a ninja warrior course.

Progress Update 12.15.2021

Starting Tuesday, December 21, we will have some closures in our wellness center as we continue our revitalization project.

  • All free-weight equipment will be inaccessible from Tuesday, December 21 through Wednesday, January 5.
  • All cardio equipment will be inaccessible from Tuesday, December 21 through Tuesday, December 28.
  • The circuit room will be open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening around the Jennersville branch? 

Over the next twelve weeks, we will update and revitalize the equipment in our wellness center and weight room. This update includes the addition of a 15’ by x section of turf, that will be able to be used to flip tires, push sleds and participate in other functional training exercises.  

We will also add a “Ninja Warrior” area to our facility, complete with a salmon ladder, handgrip wheels and more exciting features. We will also be adding a section of turf in our weight room.  

Why are you moving the wellness center and weight room? 

We are moving the exercise equipment and switching the purpose of each room to allow for easier access to cardio equipment, provide more space for the new equipment we have coming in and allow for floor space for functional training. Our overall goal is to make our space more versatile to allow for a variety of exciting and productive workouts for our members.  

Where will the equipment be at the completion of the move? 

Members can view our design plans, complete with equipment locations, in the lobby as well as in the hallway on the way to the wellness center.  

Will we be losing exercise equipment? 

We will be removing several pieces for which we have duplicates of to add new equipment and provide space for HITT workouts. For example, we have two back extensions in our current Wellness Center. We will be getting rid of one to free space for another piece that will be new in our facility. Additionally, we will be revitalizing our cardio equipment selection to make sure it meets all the needs of our members and respective fitness goals. 

What new equipment will be available when the renovation is complete? 

We are getting many new pieces that we are all excited for including: 

  • Updated Treadmills 
  • Push Sleds 
  • Flip Tires 
  • Deadlifting Platforms 
  • Full Squat Racks 

Where else can I go to exercise during the transition? 

If you find the closures of the rooms and movement of equipment is not the best environment for your workout you can visit at any of the YMCA’s in our association or reserve a spot in one of our Group Exercise classes via our YMCAGBW app. 

How long will the process take? 

This whole process of moving equipment and updating our workout and recreation spaces will take approximately twelve weeks. Any changes regarding room closures or additional updates will be shared on our website. Stop by the membership desk or email John Winters, wellness coordinator with any questions.  

What can I do when the Wellness Center is closed?
Here are some options to stay active and engage with us.

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