Chester County Students Attend YMCA Youth and Government Model Convention in Harrisburg

Youth and Government participants stand on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA.

Four students from the YGBW Youth and Government Program recently returned from a successful weekend at the Youth and Government Model Convention in Harrisburg. 

While at the Model Convention, the culminating event of the year that brings together over 300 Youth and Government delegates from YMCAs all over Pennsylvania at the Capitol building in Harrisburg; our delegates acted as mock senators and representatives working to get their bills passed into law. 

The YGBW delegation had a 75% success rate at getting their bills passed through their respective committees; the highest success rate YGBW Youth and Government has ever had at the Model Convention. YGBW Youth and Government was also able to get a bill passed on the House of Representative floor for the first time in the history of our delegation.  

“We’re really proud of the YGBW Youth and Government students and everything they were able to accomplish; they worked incredibly hard and made the most of this special leadership experience.” says Chris Hutelmyer, Youth and Government Coordinator.  

“It’s really exciting, not only did our delegation have our best showing ever, we also had one of our students receive a spirit award at the conference and another student was invited to be an alternate for the National Youth and Government Conference; which are two amazing honors.” 

Youth and Government is a program designed to help preteens and teens develop skills in the areas of leadership, teamwork, public speaking, problem solving and more while discussing, debating and solving the world’s most pressing civic and political issues.  

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Updated: May 5, 2022