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At the Y, our sports staff, coaches and volunteers all share a singular vision of helping all youth reach their full potential in life. We leverage the excitement and passion around recreational programming to create a healthy outlet for children to gain new skills, develop a sense of team and connect with positive role models.

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More about YMCA Youth Sports Leagues

What sports leagues does the YMCA offer?

The YMCA offers youth sports leagues children across Chester County. You do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. Leagues include:

  • Basketball 
  • Soccer 
  • T-Ball

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of sports outside of the league format. To view all sports offerings, please visit Activity Finder and customize your filters to select a specific sport or participant age.


When are the practices and games?

For youth ages seven and up, there is one practice during the week and one game on the weekend. Weeknight practice days and times are determined by the coach and facility availability.


What is the YMCA's philosophy on youth sports?

Don't Spoil the Fun

Approximately 70% of kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because they say it’s not fun anymore according to the National Alliance for Youth Sports Poll.

Parents play an important role in their child's decision to keep playing sports, as illustrated in the videos below. At the YMCA, we keep fun in the game. Our coaches focus on building strong skills so kids can play at any level, but more importantly, they help kids learn teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship—skills that will help them excel throughout their lives while staying active and healthy.

The YMCA strives to keep fun in the game. Click here to learn more.

Who coaches the youth sports leagues?

All of our coaches are volunteers. Each volunteer must go through a background screening, child abuse prevention training and other YMCA sports specific training. Each coach is also provided a coach’s manual and is required to attend a pre-season meeting to review proper YMCA procedures and expectations.

Volunteers are provided direction and support from our sports directors and YMCA staff. 

Interested in coaching an upcoming season? Join the YMCA family and become a youth sports volunteer coach! We're looking for individuals that want to foster a love of the game and the development of each child. Click here to sign up and a member of our sports team will be in touch to answer any questions or get you started! 

Do you have more youth sports league questions?

Youth sports leagues at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine are available for children ages 3-15 with four seasons offered annually.

Click here for answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Visit your local branch or contact any member of our sports team with additional questions.