YMCA Summer Campers To Connect with Students in Peru

Exton, PA - The Lionville Community YMCA is connecting many of its summer camp students with YMCA students in Peru via a Skype video call on Tuesday, July 16 at noon at the Church Farm School, 1001 E. Lincoln Highway, Exton, where Lionville Community YMCA youth attend summer camp.

The groups of 12-year-olds will share insights about themselves, their respective schools and countries. Following that exchange, they will participate in a game of trivia using the Kahoot App.

“We are really excited to be able to provide this opportunity to a group of our campers,” says Rick Reigner, Executive Director of the Lionville Community YMCA. “To be able to communicate with your peers in another country–learn the similarities and differences–gives these students valuable insights to the world beyond the local area where we live. Taking the time to understand one another is critical to building not only a strong community, but a strong world.”

Rick Reigner and Stephanie Bewley, Lionville Community YMCA Camp Director will be on hand, as will Matt Bramucci, who will be coordinating the call. Matt is co-founder and CEO of Scholar’s Promise International, committee member of the Diversity, Inclusion & Global Innovation Network, a YMCA initiative in which members make a commitment to integrate diversity into the community and their everyday lives to foster a better world, and a part-time swim team coach for the Lionville Community YMCA.


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