Thanksgiving 2021 Gratitude Challenge

Jackie takes you through a Burn the Bird Workout on Thanksgiving Day

Practicing Gratitude helps us feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve our health, deal better with adversity, and build and maintain strong relationships. The bottom line, it's good for you! Join us for this special Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Challenge! You can accept this challenge as a sole Champion, or engage your friends and family, near and far. 


  • Gratitude For Self – Let’s start with You! Today, we have a very special line-up of classes. Check them out and complete a class. 
    • Post and/or Email us a Pic pre, post, or during your class, or something else you’re doing for yourself today on social - make sure to tag @YMCAGBW
  • Gratitude For Others  – Let’s get others involved! Try Out one of these fun Gratitude Games with in person or on-line friends and family. 
    • "Gratitude Gab”
      • When you want to say more than just, "I am grateful for food", this is the perfect game! Get a jar or bowl and have a few questions or topics on folded pieces of colored or festive paper. Pass around the jar and take turns pulling out a piece of paper and answer the question or share the experience the paper asks. Instead of just saying one thing you are grateful for and moving on, these questions will provide conversations and stories that will enrich the lives of those present, deepen you feelings of gratitude, and nourish the heart! Here are a few sample questions below or come up with your own.
        • Describe something lucky that happened to you last year and how your life improved.
        • Describe a peak experience from the year, what made it special, and why you are grateful for it.
        • Describe a special favor you received, how it helped you, and how it touched you.
        • Describe a special gift or talent you have, how you use it, and why you are grateful for it.
        • Name someone you know who makes your life better and why.
        • Think of something you used today that other people make take for granted.
        • What do you appreciate the most about the person sitting next to you?
        • Describe something you are particularly grateful for in your life and why.
        • Describe something that you do often that makes you happy and why.
        • Describe something that happened this past week that you are grateful for and why.
        • Describe something you have done that you are particularly proud of and why.
    • "Gratitude Pictionary” 
      • Pictures are worth a thousand... blessings! After the big meal, you need a way to burn some calories and make room for pie, right?
        • How about a rousing game of Pictionary, with a twist! Instead of drawing movie titles and the traditional Pictionary fare, each person draws something they are grateful for! All the same rules apply (no words, letters, or numbers, 60 second time limit, once a word is guessed play goes to the other team, etc.) You can use the board game that comes in a regular Pictionary set, or just enjoy drawing and guessing.
    • "Thanksgiving Scategories”
      • HOW TO PLAY
        • Materials Needed - Paper and pencil for each player A print-out or display of the Scategories (numbered below), A timer of some kind. Have players number 1-10 on their papers. 
        • Choose a letter of the alphabet. Set the time for 3 minutes. Players list items for which they are thankful using the descriptions given for each number. At the end of 3 minutes, players share their lists!
        • Scategories -1. a gift you've received 2. a person for whom you're thankful 3. something that makes you smile 4. a food you love 5. something in nature you appreciate 6. something you enjoy doing 7. something that makes your life easier 8. something you've enjoyed with friends 9. a book or movie you've enjoyed 10. something you use every day
        • Post and/or Email us a Pic of your Gratitude Game at or post on social and tag us @YMCAGBW
  • Gratitude for The World – Up for the Challenge?! Many of us wonder, how can we make this world a better place?! It starts with you! By practicing gratitude for yourself, and extending to others, you are making the world better!  Studies have shown that “An attitude of Gratitude” makes us happier. Being happy improves our emotions, health, careers, relationships, and The World!
    • Here are several ways you can practice gratitude today and every day:
      • Express gratitude to someone
      • Smile at others more often
      • Include an act of kindness toward someone
      • Think of someone or something you are thankful for
      • Keep a gratitude journal
      • Volunteer – and be a part of gratitude in action. Check out these amazing volunteer opportunities with us at Project Catalog (
      • Post and/or email us a pic of how you’re sharing gratitude with the world at or tag us on social @YMCAGBW.