Mindfulness, Health, and Wellness School Presentations for Students, Teachers & Staff

All YGBW Mindfulness School Programs can be presented Online!
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  • Online Mindfulness School Programs
  • Online Staff Stress Relief & Mindfulness for Teacher Workshops 
  • Online Zoom Mindfulness & Stress Management Sessions 

Mindfulness and Stress Relief in Schools with The Y* 
Many schools and organizations are incorporating mindfulness as a way to help students and staff focus, concentrate, be more present and improve social skills. Our Mindfulness and Stress Relief for Schools Programs help teach the basics of mindfulness in a fun, entertaining way.
In this program, students and teachers learn mindfulness exercises and stress relief techniques that will help them focus, concentrate, self-regulate, act, react and interact, more mindfully. Our lead presenter, Heather Bloodworth, an internationally trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Speaker, shares simple, memorable stories in an interactive format that brings mindfulness principles and practices to life.  

*Schools have gotten Social Emotional Wellness grants or Health and Wellness grants to bring us in. 
The Y can focus on material specific to your school. Covering beginning strategies and knowledge of mindfulness to help reduce stress, anxiety and conflict. Helping create a positive outlook, encouraging positive school culture and good choices. Teachers and staff want to use mindfulness to help students be more supportive, nurturing, and kind. 

 Our "Mindfulness in Schools" programs offer students and staff ways to:
•    Improve focus, concentration and the ability to stay on task.
•    Act, react and interact more mindfully.
•    Become more aware of self and others.
•    Increase ability to self-regulate.
•    Be kind, compassionate and understanding.
•    Manage emotions mindfully.
•    Help relieve stress, fear and anxiety.
•    Create a positive school environment and enjoy the learning process.
•    Kindness toward oneself and others.

 We offer 4 ways to bring mindfulness to your school:

  1. "Mindfulness in Schools" Assembly Programs bring mindfulness to the entire school in a fun, interactive way. 
    • Cost - $400 (1 hour)
  2. "Mindfulness in the Classroom" Workshops go deeper, sharing age-appropriate and situation-specific mindfulness exercises. Half (3 hrs) and Full (6hrs) day options available.
    • Cost
      • $1,200 (Half Day – 3 hrs)
      • $2,400 (Full Day – 6 hrs)
  3. "Mindfulness for Teachers, Staff & Educators" Workshops and Staff Development to help teachers receive the mind-body health benefits of mindfulness. Heather also teaches how to successfully share mindfulness with their students, answering questions and teaching specific mindfulness exercises to meet the needs of the teachers, students, and school. 1-to-3-hour, half or full day Mindfulness Staff Development Workshops/In-services. 
    • Cost
      • $400 (1 hr)
    • Cost
      • $1,200 (Half Day – 3 hrs)
      • $2,400 (Full Day – 6 hrs)
  4. "Family Mindfulness Night" Families come together and learn Mindful ways to de-stress and enjoy life more.
    • Cost - $400 per hour


Learn more about our Mindfulness Programs at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine. Reach out directly to  Heather Bloodworth 610-643-9622, ext. 2156 .