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Mindfulness and Stress Relief in the Workplace with The Y* 
Many companies are incorporating mindfulness as a way to help employees focus, concentrate, be more present and improve social skills. Our Mindfulness and Stress Relief Programs help teach the basics of mindfulness in a engaging and interactive way.

Employees learn mindfulness exercises and stress relief techniques that will help them focus, concentrate, self-regulate, act, react and interact, more mindfully. Our lead presenter, Heather Bloodworth, an internationally trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Speaker, shares simple, memorable stories in an interactive format that brings mindfulness principles and practices to life.  

The Y can focus on material specific to your company. Covering beginning strategies and knowledge of mindfulness to help reduce stress, anxiety and conflict. Helping create a positive outlook, encouraging positive work culture. 

 Our "Mindfulness for Employee Wellness" programs offer ways to:
•    Improve focus, concentration and the ability to stay on task.
•    Act, react and interact more mindfully.
•    Become more aware of self and others.
•    Increase ability to self-regulate.
•    Be kind, compassionate and understanding.
•    Manage emotions mindfully.
•    Help relieve stress, fear and anxiety.
•    Create a positive work environment.
•    Kindness toward oneself and others.

Mindfulness, Health, and Wellness Menu of Offerings for Employee Wellness Partners

Employee Wellness Sessions - perfect for a lunch and learn or short event.

The ABC's and 123's of Stress Management – Learn core stress management concepts and Mindfulness practices to support employee wellness.

Stretching and Moving for a Better Workday – This interactive session will include gentle stretching and movement to support employees in any working environment.

Overcoming Fatigue, Stress, and Burnout – 8 in 10 Americans are afflicted with stress. 3 out of 5 employees report being stressed. Stress takes a toll on energy levels and employee performance and wellbeing. Your employees will learn ways that selfcare will lead to happier and healthier lives at work and home.

Sleep 101 – Sleep deprivation affects employee health, leading to workplace injury and poor performance. Work with our wellness expert to put together a personalized sleep plan for each of your employees during this group session. 

Relax and Reset Throughout Your Day – Learn quick tips and practices that your employees can incorporate into their day to support optimal performance and wellness.

Healthy Snacking and Mindful Eating – Nearly 1 in 3 adults are overweight and overwhelmed trying to find a balance of eating and snacking throughout the day. Work with our wellness expert to explore healthy snack options and the mindful way in which your employees can come into a better relationship with food and themselves. 

Setting and Achieving Your Wellness Goals – Work with our wellness coach to create a simple plan to help your employees set and achieve wellness goals. 

Creating a Healthy Workstation & Deskercise – Find out how to best support employee workstations and movement during the day for optimal health.

Eat This, Not That! Replace Unhealthy Options with Smarter Choices – Work with our health coach to learn the healthiest ways to enjoy your favorite foods.

Overcoming Trauma in the Workplace – Half of your workforce has experienced trauma in their lives. Learn how this can affect your workplace and how best to support your employees to improve their well-being and your company culture.

Customizable sessions upon request with a free consultation.
Cost: $200 per 30 Minutes 

Virtual Employee Wellness Programs:

LIVE Weekly Mindfulness Sessions for Employee Wellbeing – Experience a Virtual Live, weekly, 15-minute customized Mindfulness-Based Stress Management where employees will learn the most researched practices to improve focus, reduce stress, improve productivity, and find a few moments of calm amongst the chaos of a busy day. Cost: $600 per month

Introduction to Mindfulness for Employee Wellness - Whether you’re looking for stress relief, a boost to your mental health or a respite during an otherwise busy day, this class will share key mindfulness practices designed to help participants cultivate greater self-awareness, reduce stress and live with greater ease. Instruction will be provided on basic breathing techniques, guided body scans and guided meditations to help support employee wellness before, during and after work. An 8-week program that meets for 60 minutes, 1 time per week. Cost: $200 per Employee, minimum of 10 employees

Mental 5K - Most runners take an average of 35 minutes to run a 5K. Most people say they can't sit still longer than a couple of minutes. Join your Mental 5K Coach, as you and your team learn mindfulness meditation practices that will begin with a 2-minute meditation, and build to complete a 35-minute meditation. Take the challenge and see how you'll improve your focus, reduce your stress, and improve your well-being while never leaving your seat. Program runs over an 8-week period, 1 time per week for 30 minutes. Cost: $100 per Employee, minimum of 10 employees

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Program - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is the most scientifically researched mindfulness training program in the world. Created in 1979 by John Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts. Cultivate self-awareness, reduce stress, and live with greater ease through this interactive weekly training with guided body scans, sitting and mindful movement guided meditations and lessons that include supportive resources. The program will run over an 8-week period, 1 time per week for 90 minutes and 1, 5-hour retreat.

  • $5,000 for a minimum of 10 employees 
  • $400 per additional employee from 11- 20 
  • $300 per additional employee from 21-30

Mindfulness and Stress Management Workshop (2 hours) - Work with our Mindfulness Based Stress Management Expert to learn the most researched stress management practices to support your team’s health and wellness. Includes a free consultation to customize to your workplace and workforce needs. Cost: $800

Mindfulness and Movement Workshop (2 hours) - Work with our Mindfulness Based Stress Management Expert to learn the most researched mindfulness-based stress management and mindful movement practices to support your team’s health and wellness. Includes a free consultation to customize to your workplace and workforce needs. Cost: $800