Keep your Health Journey on Track with YMCA’s Gift of Health

Member works out in the Wellness Center of the YMCA.

YMCA of Greater Brandywine offers more than $10,500 in prizes this fall to current and new members

(West Chester, PA) – As the year winds down, staying on the path to wellness becomes increasingly challenging. To help members stay motivated, the YMCA is launching the Gift of Health – an opportunity for new and current members to win one of 42 prizes offered at seven branches across Chester County.

Incentivizing Good Health
“There is nothing more important than your health and wellbeing,” explains Kim Cavallero, VP of Membership at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW). “But when the holiday season approaches, healthy habits often get deprioritized. So, we’re giving our members an extra incentive to recommit to their health.”

The YMCA is offering current members a chance to win one of 21 prizes this fall. One Grand Prize and Two Runner-Up Prizes will be offered at seven branches across Chester County – totaling 21 chances for current members to win. To be automatically entered into the drawing, members must have joined prior to Oct 1, 2023 and must maintain an active membership through Dec 31, 2023.

A second drawing, with an additional 21 prizes, will be held for new members who join YGBW prior to Dec 31, 2023.

Supporting Healthy Habits
“There is more to good health than joining a gym,” continues Cavallero. “Health impacts your body, mind and spirit – and no one understands that better than the Y. We address all aspects of good health through our supportive community. We want to see each other do well, feel well and be well.”

To further support healthy habits, the Y is providing members with health tips as part of the Gift of Health.

Tips to Push Through an End-of-Year Plateau
“There’s no denying that it can be hard to focus on healthy habits during the holiday season,” comments Jackie Canan, Senior Director of Group Exercise. “But we’re with you. We’re all experiencing the same challenges.”

“My best advice for anyone facing a plateau is to experiment and break out of your routine,” explains Canan. “Try a new way of moving or change what’s on your plate. Our Group Exercise instructors offer a variety of opportunities for our members to incorporate new trends and stay motivated.”

If you’re stuck in a rut, the Y offers an inclusive community where you can get support and find the motivation to keep moving. Through pickleball, Group Exercise classes, ForeverWell classes for seniors, family-friendly fitness and more – you can discover a community of health-minded individuals to encourage you on your wellness journey.

Even if your schedule gets too hectic to make it into the Wellness Center or exercise studio, the YMCA has you covered. The Y offers a catalog of live and on-demand classes through the YMCA360 app. Transport your favorite Y instructors into the convenience of your own home any time of day or night.

Mixing Up your Fitness Routine
To keep your journey fresh and exciting this fall, try one of the following suggestions.

  1. Add Strength Training
    Using your own body weight, free weights or bars adds an important element to your fitness routine. Not only will strength training help accelerate your metabolism, but it also builds healthy muscle mass and increases bone density.
  2. Try a new class or exercise format
    When trying to push through a plateau, it helps to try new things to keep your body and your mind engaged. Cycling, Pilates, BODYPUMP, Zumba, Aqua Fit and more - the YMCA offers a variety of Group Exercise classes that are included in a membership.
  3. Sign up for Personal Training
    Whether you try one-on-one personal training or small group sessions, you'll receive personal attention and advice just for you. Get ready to feel the most supported you've ever felt!
  4. Be mindful of what’s on your plate
    What goes into our bodies plays an important role in our overall health. If you are facing a fitness plateau, it might be time to review your daily nutritional routine.
  5. Slow down and destress
    While we often think that working harder and faster is the way to break through a plateau, you may actually need to slow down. Stress can combat healthy habits, making it harder to reach your fitness goals. Getting started with a mindfulness practice will help you to slow down, destress and gain mental clarity.

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