Frequent Y'ers Program

Meet Our 2023 Frequent Y'ers

 Kathy Gillan | Upper Main Line YMCA

With retirement marking a new chapter in life, Kathy has embraced visits to the Y not just for exercise - but as a vital part of her daily routine. Kathy enjoys coming to the Y for exercise and socialization.

“Now that I’m retired, it’s my job. I approach health and wellness as I once did my job. I owe good health to myself and to my family."

Kathy’s commitment to health and wellness is truly inspiring, reminding us all of the importance of prioritizing self-care and maintaining an active lifestyle, not just for ourselves but for the ones we love.

About Frequent Y'ers

Frequent Y’ers are those who rank among the top 50 in visit counts for the entire calendar year. They are distinguished by their high visit counts and by their unwavering dedication to strengthening themselves and their community. Their consistent presence at the YMCA reflects their commitment to health, wellness and social responsibility.

Frequent Y'ers serve as role models, inspiring others to adopt healthy habits and contribute positively to the collective wellbeing. By embodying the values of discipline and perseverance, Frequent Y'ers exemplify the ideals we aspire for all members to embrace on their health and wellness journey.

2024 Frequent Y'ers

YGBW Members who visit 115 times between January 1 and June 30 qualify as 2024 Mid-Year Frequent Y'es. At the end of 2024, the top 50 members in visit counts for the entire year at each branch will be recognized again.

Stay consistent, stay motivated - and YOU could be the next name on our prestigious list!

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