YGBW Women of Influence

In honor of Women's History Month, we're proud to highlight the work of Guillermina Rios, Natalie Gallon-Garcia and Rachel Firkser, three influential leaders in our organization. 

Guillermina Rios









Guillermina Rios | Association Director of Childcare/Camp Administration

"Women's History Month is a time to elevate and celebrate trailblazers who have advocated for change to provide a solid foundation for the next generation. I am inspired by my biggest accomplishment - my own daughters. Seeing them advocate for themselves and others reminds me why I work so hard."

Guillermina Rios leads the team that is responsible for supporting YGBW's Early Learning and School-Aged Programs, including Summer Camp, overseeing registration, billing, account adjustment and other administrative support, as needed. In addition, she regularly facilitates DEIB Trainings for YGBW staff and volunteers.

Guillermina is an influential leader at the Y and in the community, building relationships to support a thriving environment for all. She supports organizations and committees who are working to empower and support women and girls, including the Fund for Women and Girls and the Chester County Single Mother's Conference.

This work is important to Guillermina to help ensure that female voices are heard and that she leads by example for her daughters. She is inspired each time they advocate for themselves. As Guillermina reminds us, "Sometimes you have to stand alone, however you can make enough noise to build the crowd and push for change. So be the one to take the first stand!"

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Natalie Gallon-Garcia | Chief Human Resources Officer

Women's History Month is an opportunity to reflect on and recognize the efforts of the women who have come before us, advancing gender equity while also honoring the efforts of the women who are making history today."

Natalie Gallon-Garcia leads YGBW's Human Resources department, including recruitment, retention, learning and development. Across nine branches and program centers, Natalie supports 1,450 year-round employees - a number that reaches nearly 2,000 in the summer season.

Natalie leads with empathy, kindness, integrity and trust, which are particularly important in a people-centric role. She advocates for DEIB work and supports development opportunities for YGBW staff, personally giving her time to coach leaders in the organization.

Under Natalie's leadership, the YGBW HR team has increased the level of service provided to branches and program centers. She is proud to support the organization's strategic direction, focusing on staff development and retention, improving staff benefits and the strategic growth of Team YGBW.

"I am incredibly humbled and privileged to work alongside many phenomenal professionals, particularly women. Our branch executives, program directors and coordinators, teachers, association teams, custodial and maintenance staff, and program and summer staff give so much to serve our members and community."

The work that Natalie does each day pays honor to her mother, Maria Esther, who is Natalie's inspiration and also her foundation. Maria Ether immigrated to the United States from Michoacán, Mexico, dedicating her life to serving others and sharing her culture with the Philadelphia community. As Natalie shares about her mother, "She was an incredible force, and I am eternally grateful to have known and experienced her warmth, illuminating spirit, kindness, and unconditional love."

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Rachel Firkser | Chief Financial Officer

"Women's history month reminds me of the sacrifices of the incredible women in my life, especially my mom, aunt, mother-in-law and grandmothers. Their unconditional support provided me with opportunities they did not have. I live each and every day to pass those opportunities on to my daughter and other young women."

Rachel Firkser serves as the Chief Financial Officer at YGBW where she partners with staff, leadership and our Board to ensure the financial sustainability of our association. She has been with YGBW for nearly five years and is passionate about our mission, proudly supporting meaningful work in our community.

As a CFO, Women's History Month holds special meaning. Rachel recalls a time, not that long ago, when women did not have a seat at the table in senior leadership roles and could not serve as CFO.

She advocates for building a strong network and learning from the perspective of others. As Rachel reminds us, "Continuous learning is the cornerstone of both personal and professional growth. Look for opportunities to learn from female leaders who came before you - their experiences and perspectives are a great support system for your development."