Four Reasons You Should Try EGYM

EGYM at the West Chester Area YMCA

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, the EGYM strength training circuit introduces new opportunities to help you reach your fitness goals. 
Here are four reasons you should try it today:

It is Quick but Effective
The EGYM strength circuit takes just 20 minutes to complete – providing a full body workout in a short period of time. Workouts are customized and as you progress through each training, you will be served with workouts that will continue to challenge you and help you to build strength. 

It’s Like a Game
The exercises are structured like a video game and you play along during your workout. The EGYM app also works with cardio equipment to automatically track workouts. 

It’s the Right Kind of Easy
The workout should be challenging, setting up and working the equipment should be the easy part! After an initial orientation, members will receive a wristband with their unique configurations saved on it – this wristband will allow each machine to recognize you and your preferred settings, allowing you to jump in wherever you last left off. 

You’ll Learn More About your Fitness Levels
Members will receive strength assessments and a calculated BioAge as well as muscle imbalance testing. This information will help you to more easily identify areas for improvement while providing benchmarks for measuring future progress. 

This data also makes it so that our wellness team and personal trainers can more easily support you to tackle imbalances and achieve your goals. 
The YMCA is excited to provide this new equipment at our West Chester Area YMCA beginning in mid-September 2022. EGYM is the most advanced strength training machine in the market and the YMCA is the only gym in the region to provide access to this equipment. Learn more about how to get started.  

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