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Located at the West Chester Area YMCA.

The EGYM solution is a cloud-connected system that combines intelligent software with the latest fitness equipment to provide you with a training experience that is easy to use, fun and motivating. EGYM provides a very efficient and versatile workout for all training objectives.


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How do I get started with EGYM Smart Strength?

  • First, you will need to schedule an onboarding with our wellness team (see below for how to schedule your onboarding).
  • During your onboarding, one of our trainers will walk you through a strength assessment and find your optimal settings. Settings will account for your height, weight and goals along with your current fitness capabilities.  
  • EGYM uses a wristband to remember your unique settings and your trainer will provide you with your wristband during your onboarding session.  
  • After this initial onboarding, you can simply arrive and tap your wristband to the marked area on each machine. As it scans your wristband, it will automatically set the weight level and range of motion unique to you. 
  • As you continue to use the equipment, it will adapt and progress you through a workout via the interactive screen. An app is available, and all of your workouts will be automatically logged into the app for you to track your progress. 

How do I schedule my onboarding?

Onboardings can be scheduled in the YGBW App under the “equipment” tab.

  • Click on the menu on the top left of the app.
  • Then click Reserve Area/Equipment.
  • Select the West Chester Branch and EGYM Onboarding
  • Then select a time, and hit Reserve. 

Registration will open to members on Tuesday, September 13 for appointments on Thursday, September 15. Appointments can be booked up to 48 hours in advance. 

Instructions on how to schedule an EGYM Orientation

Don’t have our mobile app? Click here to download it now. 

Not able to register on the app? Visit our member services desk or have a wellness team member help you schedule an onboarding.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to schedule an onboarding?

Scheduling onboardings ensures that we have trained staff available to walk you through the circuit and configure the equipment to your height and range of motion. These configurations will be synced with your unique wristband and moving forward, you will be able to use the equipment, without assistance, during your preferred workout times. 

How do I track my progress with EGYM?

Your training data is automatically synchronized with the EGYM app and website! Instructions will be provided during your onboarding, however, get a headstart and download the app today (app looks like the icon below)! 

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EGYM, located at the West Chester Area YMCA.



What Training Methods are Available?

In addition to the eight (8) tailored programs available, there are also four (4) different training methods that may be found within your program. These training methods will alter the feel of the workout by changing the speed, weight load and number of repetitions. This provides variation in your workout, all while maintaining the same overall focus. 

Training methods include: 

  • Regular | One (1) weight. Classic controlled repetition tempo/speed. 
  • Negative | Two (2) weights. Easier on the first half of the rep, heavier on the second half (or return of rep). 
  • Adaptive | Decreases weight mid-set as it senses your muscles getting tired. 
  • Explonic | Meant for rapid, explosive movements. 
EGYM machine layout at the West Chester Area YMCA.

How Does EGYM Work?

To use these machines, each member completes an orientation where they receive their personalized identification band, which allows the machines to recognize you, adjust for height, weight and strength, and track your progress.

EGYM machines feature touchscreens with an interface like a video game that shows you how many reps to do, at what speed and with what range of motion.