6 Ways College Students Benefit from a Job at the Y

Learn how to swim at the YMCA today!

Want to reap the personal and professional benefits that come from working while you earn your college degree? Check out six reasons you should work at the Y:

It’s a Great Resume Builder

  • The YMCA brand is recognized around the world for high quality wellness, youth and community focused programming. Working for the Y is a great way to set yourself apart and let employers see your dedication to improving the lives of others.

Work Around Your Class Schedule

  • At the Y, you’ll find the flexibility to work around your class schedule. Most of our branches are open seven days and week and have opportunities to pick-up shifts at all times of the day making it a perfect opportunity to earn money while still focusing on your school commitments.

Cash Flow Your Education

  • Working at the Y can help you earn money to cover your tuition, books and living expenses and avoid student debt.

Discover a Career Path

  • The Y invests in our people through paid trainings, great benefits and opportunities for career growth. A significant number of our full-time staff started their career in front line positions and grew into their current role with the Y.  We have “traditional Y roles” like aquatics, camp and sports but did you know we also have opportunities to grow your career in IT, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing?

Workout for Free

  • All Y employees receive a free membership to the Y and a discount on all Y classes and programs.

Develop Interpersonal Skills and Build Your Professional Network

  • Employees at the Y interact daily with coworkers and members from all walks of life. Building relationships with this diverse group of people helps you learn interpersonal skills that can assist you in the job market such as: conflict resolution, empathy for others and receptiveness to feedback. It also provides you a great opportunity to build your professional network.

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