Welcoming Week 2022

Three YMCA employees standing with signs that read, "I'm A Welcomer." for Welcoming Week

We believe our community is stronger when everyone feels welcome and we work together for the common good. Celebrated annually at the YMCA, Welcoming Week is a chance for neighbors—both immigrants and U.S.-born residents—to get to know one another and celebrate what unites us as a community.

From September 9 - September 18, 2022, all branches of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine will celebrate Welcoming Week 2022. 

Ongoing activities are planned such as:

  • Music from a variety of countries will be played during some group exercise classes.
  • In many of our Childcare and Early Learning Centers, as well as our Before and After School care programs, students will enjoy special crafts, activities and foods from around the world. (Make sure to keep an eye out for their displayed works in the lobby.)
  • Special displays showing where YMCA members are from and sharing why our members and staff are "welcomers."Here's what you can expect at some of our different locations around Chester County. 

Jennersville YMCA

  • Where Are You From!? Find your home country on a world map in the lobby.   
  • Preschool and child watch will have fun culture theme activities planned.
  • Our Forever Well families will share cultural dishes and recipes.
  • Prepare for some Cultural Trivia at the front desk. 
  • Find some positive words of encouragement around the building all week long. 

Kennett Area YMCA

  • Where Are You From!? Find your home country on a world map in the lobby.   
  • Learn a bit more about different countries and cultures in the lobby each day.        
  • Forever Well Bingo!
  • Child Watch and Montessori will have culture theme activities planned based on the featured country in the lobby.       

Lionville Community YMCA

  • Lobby displays of flags and teaching "Hello" in different languages.
  • "Get to Know Your YMCA Neighbor!" We'll be offering nametags!
  • Cultural Trivia and "Spiritual Vitamins" available at the front desk
  • Enjoy throughout the week:
  • Smoothies and healthy snacks in wellness
  • Cultural Culinary Cuisine Potluck Lunch + Henna    
  • Fresh Fruit Fridays - 9/8 and 9/16
  • Popcorn Day 
  • Pottery & Art Demo   
  • Coffee & Teas from Around the World - 9/12 through 9/16

Oscar Lasko YMCA and Childcare Center

  • Lobby displays of international flags!
  • Where Are You From!? Find your home country on a world map in the lobby.     
  • Our childcare and before and after school care kids will have an international week - with a different focus each day.
  • Free Demos from 9/12 - 9/16 
  • Gymnastics will offer free trial open gym times for all community members.
  • ECF will offer free trial/bring-a-friend classes for community members.

Upper Main Line YMCA

  • Where Are You From!? Find your home country on a world map in the lobby.

  • Daily trivia at the front desk.

  • Parents' Night Out: Multi-Cultural Games and Crafts

  • Saily Staff Spotlights on social media

  • I'm a Welcomer Display

West Chester Area YMCA

  • Come Talk with Our Human Library
  • Open Mic Night/Poetry Slam
  • Design Your Own Inclusivity Rocks
  • Our Childwatch kids will create a Map of the World with Handprints
  • Our Gymnasium will be decked out in international flags!


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