STRIDE For ALL is a 8-week long inclusive program that offers children in grades 3-5 an opportunity to build teamwork and communication skills through fun team challenges all while covering topics that kids face today. Through interactive games and activities, children explore and discuss important life topics, while fitness activities such as running and basic movement activities help them build stamina and confidence. For more information contact us or register your school today.

These 8 weeks will build-up to the final “STRIDE for ALL Obstacle Course Event”, a 1-mile obstacle course with team challenges that are completed during the course.  STRIDE For ALL strives for striking a balance between physical and mental health, and most importantly focuses on FUN and fitness; not on being the best athlete.

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What is Stride for ALL?

STRIDE for ALL is an elementary afterschool program for ALL children in grades 3 - 5 that strives for striking a balance between physical and mental health. Children build teamwork and communication skills through fun team challenges, activities such as running, and basic movements get kids moving simultaneously helping to build stamina and confidence. 

The STRIDE for ALL curriculum highlights the need to get kids MOVING and involved with their peers. Social isolation and too much time spent on electronics is a growing concern. Our curriculum covers topics of great concern facing youth today including: Success, Respect, Healthy Competition, Teamwork, Goal Setting, Bullying, Inclusion, Making Good Decisions, Eating Healthy, Character & Conflict Resolution, racial equity, and respecting each other’s differences.

Children are given the opportunity to discuss with each other and their team leaders, and engage in interactive games and activities to support each lesson. Each child is recognized for participation, no matter what level.

STRIDE for ALL is focused on FUN & FITNESS, and developing respect for one another by contributing to the team and recognizing that we each have something to offer. 

How to register my school for STRIDE for ALL?

As an afterschool program, we connect with elementary schools to be host sites. 

To register your site/school to host the STRIDE for ALL program, we ask of you the following: 

1. Provide a safe and accessible OUTDOOR space for the team to meet and perform physical activities such as running and other fitness tasks.
2. Provide an accessible INDOOR space in case of inclement weather, and accessible bathrooms.
3. Accommodate a practice schedule 2X per week for 90 minutes within the 10-week duration of the program.

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How do I register my student for STRIDE for ALL?

Once a school registers as a host site, participants can register for the program online or in-person at a YMCA of Greater Brandywine location online. Participants can register at any school/team site if their home school is not listed.

*Note: transportation to sites is not provided. 

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How can I get involved with STRIDE for ALL?

It is no secret that volunteers make our programs a success, and STRIDE for ALL is no exception! A few hours a week is all that we ask of you to make a difference in a child’s life. We are looking for Team Leaders that demonstrate the values of the YMCA; those who are committed to helping enhance the lives of children.

Help create an amazing challenge for our STRIDE participants on Obstacle Course Day! Volunteer today.

Want to get more involved?  Learn more about joining STRIDE for ALL as a coach.

How do I become a team leader?

Volunteering as a Team Leader can be the most rewarding way to get involved with the STRIDE For ALL program. You will experience the program firsthand and feel a sense of accomplishment that you have led the participants through a process of discovery of their own limitless potential. 

If you possess the following:
1. A strong desire to work in the field of youth development and to inspire others to believe in the STRIDE For ALL mission. 
2. Experience working with youth. 
3. Excellent communication skills. 
4. The ability to be flexible and to improvise when needed. 
5. Good organizational skills. 
6. The ability to recognize conflict and the skills to help resolve it.  
7. The capacity to work in a partnership with a co-team leader(s). 
8. Willingness to have FUN! 

Become a Team Leader for STRIDE for ALL or join us as an event volunteer on Obstacle Course Day!


Thank You to Our Sponsor!

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