At the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW), we are committed to creating the best pickleball experience for our members. Based on member feedback, we have found that grouping players by skill level creates the most enjoyable experience for all.

To continue to drive an exceptional player experience, we are converting to a numbered player rating system for the Pickleball Center at Downingtown. This numbered rating system will allow members to continue to play with their current friends at their current skill level while also properly assessing the skill level of those members that desire a more competitive experience and/or tournament play.

Numeric Rating Assignments

  • Beginner will be rated 2.0
  • Intermediate will receive a rating of 2.5
  • Advanced will receive a rating of 3.0
  • All new players will receive a rating of 2.0

Skill Testing

To level up to a 2.5 and/or 3.0 rating, players must complete a skill test. Criteria for testing into a numeric rating are as follows.

  • 2.5 - 7/10 forehands and 7/10 backhands from mid-court into Non-Volley Zone (kitchen) with the tester paddle feeding the balls.
  • 3.0 - 7/10 forehands and 7/10 backhands from the baseline into Non-Volley Zone (kitchen) with the tester paddle feeding the balls.

New! Skill Testing for Competitive Level Play (3.5+)

3.5 Prerequisite  

  • You must have participated in an Y approved tournament at the 3.5 level or above OR have one of the following ratings at 3.5 or above; UTPR, DUPR or certified* IPTPA player rating, IPTPA Level 2 Certification, or IPTPA CRS Certification.

4.0+ Prerequisite

  • UTPR, DUPR or certified IPTPA player rating of 4.0 or higher.

What should I do if I am happy with my current skill level?

Nothing – We will convert your current Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced rating to the new number rating automatically to play at our Pickleball Center at Downingtown.

How will the number system be used at the Pickleball Center at Downingtown?

Courts will be assigned for open play based on players’ number rating in Pickleball Den (PD). The number of courts available for each level will be based on the pre-registered sign-ups in Pickleball Den. 

Member sign-ups can be made as soon as seven days in advance and as late as 15 minutes before play time. Courts will be assigned 5 minutes before start time. Use the paddle-up system outside of each court to be next up on the court that corresponds to your skill level rating in PD.

What is the YGBW Number Player Rating?

This rating is a local YGBW player rating and not an official UTPR, DUPR, or IPTPA rating. To get an official IPTPA player rating, you can visit* and get tested by an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist (CRS).

What rating system will be used at our current branch locations?

Our branches (Jennersville, Kennett, West Chester, Oscar Lasko, Brandywine, Lionville, and Upper Main Line) will continue to offer open skill level play at our current rating system of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition to this exciting new rating system. Our Downingtown Center pickleball team is excited to establish and offer you an option of a competitive level of play while also creating a wonderful, fun experience for those who prefer to continue with non-competitive social play.