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New YMCA Monthly Programs

New monthly programming provides a flexible and convenient option for families looking for fun activities for their children. Classes last for one calendar month and focus on experiences. Children can enroll in a new offering each month, or stick with the same class for several consecutive months, as curriculums and themes vary monthly. 

Monthly programs begin at just $24.99 for those with a YGBW family membership. Classes are held weekly. 


March, April and May Session

Registration for Members Begins: Saturday, January 28, 2023

Registration for Guests Begins: Friday, February 10, 2023

Performing Arts

The YMCA offers a variety of theater and performing arts classes for children and adults in addition to multiple full-scale productions held throughout the year at the Upper Main Line YMCA and Jennersville YMCA.

  • Preschool Musical Theater
  • Intro to Acting

Gymnastics & Ninja

Kids learn and develop balance, flexibility, strength and tumbling skills on age-appropriate equipment in a fun, open environment.

  • Tumble With Me
  • Ninja With Me
  • Tumble Just Me
  • PreK Ninja
  • Youth Ninja 
  • Ninja


Cooking helps children develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and early concepts of math and science as well as allowing them a sense of achievement and self-sufficiency! 

  • Book & Cook
  • Budding Chefs
  • Young Chefs

STEM & Education

Our Education and STEM programs offer an early introduction to a wide variety of concepts and teach science, technology, engineering, math, sign language and more through creative play, setting a foundation for being successful in school and in life. 

  • Lil' Einsteins
  • Build It
  • Build It Plus


The YMCA is a non-profit charitable organization that offers income-based membership rates and financial assistance for programs for those unable to pay the standard rates.

Ask us for details.