Bridgette Barbera-Byrne

Executive Director

Bridgette Barbera-Byrne started her journey with the YMCA in 2011 as a Youth Development Director in NJ.  Since then, Bridgette has worked for the YMCA in several different states overseeing Youth Development programs at each of them. Prior to COVID, Bridgette went through the Executive Preparatory Institute with Y-USA with her goals set on leading a branch in the future.  

Bridgette also has a passion for training and educating people in the world of diversity and inclusion.  Her goals include raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and ultimately teaching people how to embrace each other's differences. She imagines a world where taking the time to talk about our differences will make a positive change towards inclusion for all.  

In her free time, Bridgette enjoys spending time with her family.  She loves doing anything creative and as a former professional DJ, loves anything involving music. With an immense background in programs and youth development, Bridgette is excited about the endless opportunities at the Oscar Lasko YMCA.   

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