Leave a legacy for future generations by joining our Legacy Circle. 

In a world where so much comes and goes so quickly, our Y has existed for more than 118 years. By making a legacy gift to the YMCA, you can ensure that the Y can achieve its mission of a healthy spirit, mind and body for all for generations to come.

You know first-hand what a difference the Y has made in your life and for children, adults and families in our community. Joining the Legacy Circle through a gift to the Y's Endowment Fund ensures your personal legacy to support the Y's mission. A gift to the Y's Endowment Fund is the greatest confirmation of the YMCA mission that a friend of the Y can show and makes you a member of the Legacy Circle.

Ways to Give

  • AN OUTRIGHT GIFT RIGHT NOW: You can make a gift of cash or securities to the Y Endowment Fund at any time
  • SIMPLE WILL: The most popular form of planned giving is to simply include in your will that the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, or branch of your choice, will receive a percentage or dollar amount of your estate. This enables you to reduce estate taxes while supporting the community. 
  • CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY: A donor transfers cash or securities to the Y Endowment and obtains a tax deduction. The donor is paid a specified amount during his/her lifetime. The remaining principal goes to the Y 
  • INSURANCE: A donor names the Y as a beneficiary of an existing policy or donates a fully paid policy.
  • BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS: A donor adds the Y as a beneficiary of an IRA, pension, or other account.
  • CHARITABLE REMAINDER, LEAD TRUST OR GIFT OF REAL ESTATE: There are other options you can discuss with us, or your own advisers.