YMCA Launches Silver Swans® Dance Classes for Seniors

Dancer participates in Silver Swans® dance class, developed by the Royal Academy of Dance in London, and offered locally at the Upper Main Line YMCA.

Silver Swans® added to the Upper Main Line YMCA’s catalog of inclusive dance offerings for all ages

(Berwyn, PA) – The Upper Main Line YMCA (UMLY) wants dancers of all ages and abilities to experience the joy and health benefits of dance. The UMLY School of Dance Education offers dance classes for participants ranging in age from two years to adult and recently launched Silver Swans® classes that are specifically designed for participants ages 55+.

Silver Swans® was developed by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London. The program is based on research into dance practices for older learners and classes are taught by Silver Swans® Licensees. Claire Jones, Director of Dance for the UMLY School of Dance Education, recently earned her certification from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Silver Swans® Offers Physical and Social Benefits for Older Learners
“Dance offers participants many benefits,” comments Jones. “Of course, there are physical benefits such as increased flexibility, balance and agility. And there are many social and emotional benefits to dance, as well. That’s why I’m so elated to offer Silver Swans classes to mature learners. Participants will love staying active while also staying connected to other participants.”

Silver Swans® dance classes are offered at UMLY on Thursdays at 9:00 AM and on Saturdays at 8:30 AM, from September through May. The cost is $400 for YGBW Members and $500 for guests. The cost is broken into monthly payments and participants can cancel at any time.

School of Dance and Dance Company for Youth Learners
In addition to dance offerings for adults, the UMLY School of Dance Education offers a range of top-tier dance programs for youth learners between the ages of 2 and 18, including two competitive Dance Companies for students as young as eight years old.

“Many people are surprised to learn that our YMCA has an extensive dance school,” says Jones. “We offer classes throughout the school year for ages 2 through 102. Offerings like Tiny Dance and Dance Explorers are designed for our youngest learners. We also have leveled classes in a variety of dance styles such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. And our Senior Dance Company competes at dance festivals, ending each season with a performance at the Mandell Theater in Philadelphia.”

“But my favorite event of the year takes place each December,” Jones continues. “We offer a community dance experience, the Holiday Nutcracker & Dance Spectacular. This show is open to all ages and all experience levels because we want to share the joy of dancing with all who are interested. The performance is inclusive, heart-warming and high-quality. Last year we performed at the Rotwitt Theater at Rosemont College, which was thrilling for our performers.”

Enrollment is now open for Holiday Nutcracker & Dance Spectacular and closes on October 1. Rehearsals begin in mid-October with performances set for mid-December.

To learn more about the Holiday Nutcracker & Dance Spectacular: https://ymcagbw.org/programs/arts-humanities/dance/dance-academy/holiday-nutcracker-dance-spectacular
To learn more about the Youth Competitive Dance Team at UMLY: https://ymcagbw.org/upper-main-line-ymca-dance-teams To learn more about Youth Dance Lessons at UMLY: https://ymcagbw.org/upper-main-line-ymca-school-dance
To learn more about Silver Swans® at UMLY: https://ymcagbw.org/programs/arts-humanities/dance/dance-academy/silver-swans

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