What's Your #YStory? Featuring Liz.

Group of girls from Milton Center learning how to swim at West Chester Area YMCA.

It’s important that these girls learned to swim.

I love these girls dearly.  It’s a joy to bring them to the Y.  Their experiences here have helped them to build confidence.  For these girls, learning to swim gives them a sense of pride.  

After my second kidney transplant in 2017, I started mentoring the girls as a volunteer at the Melton Center.  Two of these “lovelies” are my own granddaughters.  These kids motivate me, they keep me going. These kids are my world.  It’s my dream that they achieve great things in life.  I want the best for these kids.    

The Y has helped both me and the girls with memberships and swimming lessons.  Some of them were afraid of the water when we first visited the Y.  Through playing in the outdoor pool in the summer and the skills they’ve learned from their instructors, they now have an important life skill.

I’m grateful for the opportunity we’ve found at the Y.  It’s hard to put into words how much this means for us.   

- Liz

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