Spring Bird Migration: Making the flight from Central America to Chester County!

A bird is perched on a tree branch

Brian Raicich is the Associate Executive Director at the Upper Main Line Y and graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Environmental Resource Management and Masters in Environmental Pollution Control. He is a lifelong birder, has coached and competed in the World Series of Birding, and is an instructor for the Y’s School of Birding.

The warmer weather has arrived and spring migration is in full force throughout Chester County! Neo-tropical birds, birds who overwinter in the forests of South and Central America, are currently flying to their spring and summer homes. Our area is one of their pit-stops on their long journey north and there is a good chance you may host some of these colorful visitors to your yard! Our local birds are also getting ready for nesting season as they build nests, lay eggs, and raise their babies.

It’s a great time for you and your family to get outside and observe our feathered friends.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Our friends at National Audubon Society recommend what kind of binoculars are best for watching birds!
  • Visit our blog on some of the great birding ID apps are available for your smartphone!
  • Global Big Day – This annual online event allows you to connect and share your bird observations with people all around the world! On Saturday, May 9, 2020, you can enter your observations from the yard to eBird. Last year, 35,209 eBirders from 174 countries collected an astounding 92,284 checklists in a single day. Will you join us on Global Big Day to make 2020 the year that we surpass 100,000 checklists of birds in one day? Help us set a new checklist record!
  • Scavenger Hunt Bird Bingo – our friends at Massachusetts Audubon Society has provided these great nature bingo cards, including one for birds! Print out a card, get moving outside, and begin your quest to challenge each of your family members to who can see as many signs of birds to win!

Do you want to learn to identify the birds commonly found in our backyards?

Register for this free online class just for our Y members, Birding for Beginners, and learn to identify common birds by size, shape, colors, and bird song. Led by our Y’s School of Birding veteran instructors, this class is geared towards adults and families.

Class is held online via Zoom on Wednesday, May 13, 2-2:30 PM.