Les Mills Strength Development at YGBW

barbell on the floor of an exercise studio

Spring is upon us. As we focus on renewal, now is a great time to renew your commitment to health and wellness. If you are looking to mix up your fitness routine, you've come to the right place.

We're launching a 12-week group exercise class, called Strength Development, focused on increasing muscle tone and strength - while boosting social connections, self-confidence and mindfulness.

Benefits of Strength Development

Strength Development is a 12-week group exercise class designed to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, which increases muscle strength, helping to protect your joints. The class is paced to build incremental progress within each class and throughout the 12-week session, which is ideal for reaching wellness goals.

The 12-week structure is intentional and participants are highly encouraged to attend one or two classes per week for 12 weeks. In addition to helping you increase muscle tone, you'll also build rapport with other participants - giving you a reason to come back to class week after week.

Best of all, Strength Development is a Group Exercise class, meaning it is included in the cost of your YGBW membership!

Strength Development vs. BODYPUMP

If you are familiar with our BODYPUMP classes, you might wonder how Strength Development differs.

Strength Development is a 12-week progressive program with each class offering a new curriculum. BODYPUMP offers the same class for a three-week period, focusing on repetition and technique. 

BODYPUMP classes leverage moderate weights with a high number of repetitions. This helps to build lean, athletic muscle and focus on stamina. In Strength Development, participants use heavier weights with less repetitions.

Also, the pace of the two classes differ with BODYPUMP featuring movements timed to the beat of music. In a Strength Development class, participants work at a slower pace, allowing for a mindful workout at your optimal pace.

Registering for Strength Development

Our first 12-week session of Strength Development launches on April 1. VIEW DATES AND TIMES

Registration follows the same Group Ex process that you are familiar with. Each class will open for registration 48 hours prior to the class day/time.

In the meantime, you can join us for a demo class. Check the YGBW App or view a listing on our website.

We hope to see you in an upcoming Strength Development class - included in the cost of your YGBW membership!