Learning How to Swim Could Save Your Child’s Life

A mother and daughter participate in swimming lessons for toddlers at the indoor swimming pool in the YMCA in Chester County

The statistics are staggering.

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children one to four years old, and the second leading cause of death for children ages 5-14. Two children die every day from drowning. But participating in formal swim lessons can reduce the risk by 88%. Here’s why learning how to swim is essential.

Swimming can save their lives!

Swimming is the only activity or after-school sport that can save your child’s life or teach them how to save someone else’s. Being comfortable in the water is a necessity in life, because even if kids don’t go to a swimming pool regularly, they should be at ease near any body of water. Water is everywhere.

It improves their social life

Rare are the times when you’ll find a kid who doesn’t enjoy a good pool party, a summer dip to cool off or a chance to just splash around. Taking swimming lessons early means that your kid will fit right in at a party or during playtime without you having to worry about him or her being an outsider.

It’s an incredible, low-impact workout

There’s a reason why swimming is a preferred workout. It’s something you can continually do without putting stress on your joints. Swimming isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it gives people a high-intensity workout without stressing joints and muscles the same way that running or lifting weights do. It’s a workout that they can start early and never stop.

Confidence is key

Find a child swimming in any body of water and, chances are, they’re confident. Swimming gives kids something to do where they’re truly in charge of how quickly they improve. Kids will feel like if they can handle swimming, they can handle just about anything.

Ultimately, it’s more of a question as to why shouldn’t your child be swimming, rather than why they should. Kids greatly benefit from everything that swimming offers, and there’s no doubt that they should be involved early and often. 

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