How to Encourage Your Child to Make Friends at Summer Camp

Kids making friends during free swim time at Brandywine YMCA Summer Camp

Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to put down the screens, have fun and make new friends. It is also an excellent investment in building confidence and skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

YMCA summer camps enroll campers from a cross-section of area schools, giving your kids the chance to expand their social circle beyond the faces they see around the neighborhood and during the school year. Even if your child already knows some people at summer camp, it is still an excellent opportunity to practice the life skill of making new friends.  

YMCA camp counselors are all well equipped with activities and tools to help break the ice. “There will be games done in small groups to help children learn each other’s names, learn about a shared interest and get to know each other,” says Mark Hoy, Camp Director at the West Chester Area YMCA.

But before camp even starts, parents can begin preparing their children. Here are a few suggestions that can help your kids get ready to meet new people and make new friends.

Keep it Positive

Everyone who is starting summer camp will be experiencing something new. Whether it’s a new activity or just new faces, kids may have some “jitters” about getting started. Parents can help their children relax by showing a positive attitude and letting them know how excited they are for them to attend camp. 

Get the Lay of the Land

Many camps will host open houses that allow parents and children to meet counselors and see the camp facilities before the first day. Participating in these events is a great way to take some of the mystery out of the first day of camp, as well as meet some new people even before camp begins. YMCA members can come to visit the facility and enjoy open swim time in the indoor pool, play basketball in the gym and explore the facility at any time throughout the year. Non-members can request a tour of the facility by contacting the membership director at your branch.

If your camp does not host an open house, try connecting with camp staff via a phone call or email before camp starts.

Encourage Kids to Say “Hello” to Someone New

A simple gesture can lead to a lasting friendship. A warm “hello” and name exchange can be enough to get the ball rolling. Encourage your kids to make eye contact and smile when greeting someone new. If your children are good at remembering names, encourage them to call their new acquaintances by their names.

Role Play

Role-playing is a great way to give your kids confidence when approaching someone new. In addition to greeting someone, asking some friendly open-ended questions may quickly reveal shared interests.  By practicing some conversation starters, your camper will be ready to strike up a conversation when the moment hits. Here are a few examples of questions your child might ask someone they are meeting for the first time:

  • What’s your favorite thing about summer?
  • What are you most looking forward to in this camp?
  • What other things do you like to do?

Follow Up

At the end of each camp day, ask your kids about the experience. “Did you meet anyone new?” “What are their names?” “Do they enjoy some of the same things?” Keep follow-up conversations light and upbeat. Even if your child doesn’t remember names, or didn’t meet someone new on any given day, that’s ok. They will have many chances to make new friends over the duration of camp.

“Encourage your kids to approach camp with an open mind,” reminds Hoy. “There is no better place for your kids to try new things, to be who they want to be and to make new friends. The best advice you can give them as they set out on their adventure is to go have fun.”

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